My Boss

My boss is significantly older than me and every time I’m in the parking lot alone and I watch him walk inside my job, I just fantasize that he walks into my car and forces me between his legs to suck him off.
I don’t know when these fantasies started but being a younger girl, I just want him to force himself on me.

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  • FWIW, I’ve been sleeping with my boss, who’s 20 years older than me for six years. He’s the best lover I’ve ever had. He’s dominant, but not offensively so, masculine, but not chauvinist. I wouldn’t quit for anything

  • Quit wearing a bra. I wore sheer tops with camis and blazers. When I ditched the bra and cami, I started getting invited to the “power lunches.”

  • Whenever he’s around, think about fucking him. Picture it. When you look at him, picture him inside you.

  • Send an email to a "friend" (even your own ghost email address) and "accidentally" copy him in on it, confessing to your friend you want your boss to gag you with his meat. Then go to him at the end of day/whenever you can be alone with him (if he hasn't already approached you) and feign embarrassment... and let things play out from there.

  • Why not force yourself onto him? like in his office.

    Would be real cool if you were under his desk waiting for him.

  • Then wait till he is alone and walk behind him. Run your fingers through his hair and massage his neck

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