I'm a member of a dating site for a fetish I like, but wife doesn't do it. Now someone has threatened to "out" me to everyone unless they get 5,000 dollars. Jeez, what do I do? I do not have that nor won't at all. It's scary

1 month ago

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    • Wife said she will show pics of me taking her strap. Told her go ahead that her dad be the first one to get the video of her sucking cock.

    • I'd love to see those pics!

    • Ignore the threats

    • As long as your fetish stays a fantasy then you did nothing wrong

    • Wtf ain't nothing wrong with a little kink. Here you are with some stupid comments judge ,juror and executioner. Fuck you

    • Don’t play into their tricks, damn internet trolls!

    • Thank you. That's how I'm playing it.

    • These days nothing to kinky. Tell them fuck you you ain't getting shit. If your wife can't handle your fetish tell her bye

    • Good advise. But I don't want him tell her bye.

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