My Deflowering

My mom remarried when I was in Middle School to a man named Leon. He was a great stepdad and everything. Since I called my bio father daddy, I called Leon Stepdaddy.

Stepdaddy thought that it was a cute thing and didn’t mind me calling him that. I remember that in 8th grade, he let me drink wine while we were watching the movie. I fell asleep on Stepdaddy’s lap. I then felt my body getting hot and I woke up to find Stepdaddy sucking on my right tit while fingering my pussy. Apparently, he undressed me halfway while I was asleep. Stepdaddy then kissed me and told me “Honey, you have great boobs. Don’t wear bras anymore. These assets should be free as much as possible in our restrictive society.” Since I loved my stepdad so much, I didn’t complain. Not only that, how could He went back to fingering me and then sucking on my right and left tits.



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  • But did you fuck?

  • Did my cous when she was 8

  • For me it was the summer between 8th and 9th grade. And it was a Long Island Ice Tea. Given to me by my stepdads friend. I was swimming and went inside to hang up my suit and lay down. I went to my room in just my towel, and fell asleep on my bed right away. When I woke up the guy that gave me the drink was licking my pussy.

  • Did you enjoy it, suck him?

  • I loved it. He fucked me and I fell in love.

  • Daddy should have had you before then

  • A nice pair of tits always makes me want to fuck someone. I just see them poking out and I want to see them naked.

  • Nice before they get tits too

  • I know how much you loved letting your step daddy finger your smooth pussy while sucking on your titties. What bra size do you wear? My nextdoor neighbor had a daughter who was 13 and she wore a 38C bra. What else did your step daddy do to your pussy? Did he ever start sucking on your pussy or licking your delicious little pussy and sticking his tounge deep in between your pusst lips? If he deflowered you, then he must have put his herd cock inside your pussy and shot all his thick hot sperm inside you. I did the same things to my 11 year old step daughter...licking her beautiful pussy and sucking on her budding young titties. I also wear ladies lingerie 24/7 and she loved seeing me dressing up like a girl. She absolutely loved sitting on my face for hours at a time and had many organs by my tounge. I hope you loved it too.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 11 yr old pussy you lucky sod

  • I really loved licking her smooth hairless pussy. I also loved that her pussy didn't have that fishy smell that her Mom's had. I would tounge fuck her and listen to her squealing about how good it felt and to not stop. Soon her squealing turned into deep moans of ecstasy...that was such a turn on and I was jacking off in my panties and lingerie...listening to her numerous climaxes. Nothing like a pre teen pussy to kiss and lick.

  • At that point it is time to ditch mum and just make her your wife, why have old worn out pussy when 11 yr old , tight, soft, hairless pussy is available and wants to give it to you

  • She would always ask me when we were alone to put the head of my cock into her pussy. She would pull her pussy lips far apart so I could stick my cockhead in her smooth pussy. I knew i was way to big for her, so i never tried to fuck her. I showed her how to jack me off, sp she could do that to me while i had my cockhead inside her pussy. She really went wild when I'd squirt my hot cum all over her beautiful pussy. Pre teen pussy is soooooo hot and sexy.

  • Chubby hairless pussy, nice n puffy covered in cum mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • 8th grade? he waited too long

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