I have always wanted this to happen again

When I was in college several years ago I lived in the dorm the first two years then three of us decided to get an apartment for the next two years. We were all close and it was going to be much cheaper than the dorm so our parents were all for it.
I started college a virgin but by the end of my first year I had made love with three men and one of them was a professor so I was getting the full college experience and actually getting really good grades.
The three of us were all at the apartment one weekend and a get together just sort of formed one evening, we had two guys over plus an additional woman and things were pretty normal. We had some wine and one of the guys had brought some brews from a local micro brewery and no one was out of control drunk at all.
I was on the couch with one of my roommates Lisa and some how we were sort of laying on our sides and she was behind me. She had been lightly scratching my back and I was really enjoying it, there was a movie playing and everyone was facing the television so everyone was pretty much in front of us. Her fingers were running up and down my back when on one of her down strokes she ran her fingers playfully across my ass and down to my thighs. I had a chill run thru my body as her fingers lingered on the area right where my ass and thighs meet then she brought them back up lightly scratching my back all the way up.
I did not turn and look at her but my thoughts were running wild hoping she would do it again, I was wearing what I called sweat shorts which were just like sweat pants just cut like shorts and loose fitting. I felt her fingers going back down again and when she went across my ass again I moved it around some showing her I was enjoying it. She brought her fingers back up and to my complete surprise slid them right down the back of my shorts and panties, I glanced around the room and everyone was still looking right at the movie so I slowly reached up to the strings and undid them giving her plenty of room to roam.
It only took her a few minutes of caressing and I started feeling her fingers reaching the back side of my vagina which was plenty turned on already, she began this slow rotation rubbing it just above the bottom. I felt one of her fingers sink into me and I just about moaned out but managed to keep it inside. I could feel myself trembling from her touch and did not know how in the world I was going to contain myself if we kept this up, I am not the type of woman who just lays there when having sex. I move around a lot and there is always plenty of moaning and even some screaming during really great climaxing. I am a talker as well and never afraid to tell a lover exactly what I want from him or her but now here I was getting fingered by her with four other people in the room watching a movie.
She kept this up all the way to the end of the movie and I was a dripping mess, I knew my face was flush and my brain was scrambled as well with thoughts of getting pleasured. Someone asked what we were going to now and one of the guys says that he has to head out because of work in the morning, the other guy was riding with him so within minutes it is just the four of us women, Lisa looks at me and then puts her lips right on mine and we kiss for quite some time with our tongues entwined. I just knew the other two women were going to get freaked out but one of them looking on says out loud to us asking how we knew exactly what she was thinking.
Several minutes later we are all in my bedroom because of the queen size bed naked and kissing, caressing and fingers are running everywhere. Lisa wasted no time at all getting between my legs and for the first time in my life I had a woman pleasuring me, I looked over and the other two were in a sort of 69 position exploring each other but Lisa knew exactly what she was doing because within just a few minutes my whole clitoral area was tingling like crazy. She had a few fingers up inside me slowly massaging my vagina while her tongue and lips devoured my clit, I had my first of many orgasms in a very short time which was no surprise from almost an hour of foreplay.
By the time we all settled down for a night of sleeping I had licked and kissed all three of them and LIsa had given me several orgasms alone not to mention one of the other women. The three of us were very close for the rest of college and Lisa and I still get together often making love for hours. I will never forget that first night though being in bed with three other women and the incredible sexual energy that was running thru all of us, we did it a few times again but it was nothing like that first time.

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  • Nice.. keep making it happen. I would for my wife to make out with several of her hot friends

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