I came out to my wife

So a few years ago, I started having sexual cravings for other men. I have been married for 10 years. Nothing at all wrong with my wife. We have a great relationship.

So, I started by masturbation. I'd masturbate to gay porn. That did it for me for a while but then again when doesnt masturbating do it?

So after a month I happened to come across a very good (and free) gay male hook-up site. One that you can sort profiles by distance from you. Found a profile that was super close. Turned out to be my next door neighbor. So we talked for a while. I explained my situation with being married and being curious and being totally inexperienced. Long story short, we started having sex.

So fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. I had been toying with the idea of telling my wife. Then I just did it. I said, "Honey, we need to talk." She said, "Oh God. Everything ok?" I said, "Well, I guess we will see. I need to come clean about something." She said, "You are seeing someone else?" I said, "Yes and no." She said, "Who is it? They can't possibly love you more than I do or treat you like I do." I said, "Honey, I'm bisexual." She said, "Oh wow. Really? You are sure?" I said, "Yeah. I've been thinking about being with another guy for a while now." She said, "I'm guessing you have?" I said, "Yeah. The head is pretty good." She said, "Well, of course getting head is good. I've had my pussy eaten out by girls. It's amazing." I said, "Uh. You have?" She said, "Before we got married but yeah. Is that all you've done?" I said, "No. Full on sex." She said, "I hope you've been safe." I said, "Of course."

Now, the neighbor gets tested. He's negative. He doesnt fuck everyone. I'm actually his second lover and he's older than I am.

So she says, "So, are you on top?" I said, "No. He is." She said, "Wow! Really? You like it in the ass?" I said, "Yeah. I actually do." She said, "How many times have you done it?" I said, "I dunno." She said, "More than once?" I said, "You really want to know this? I don't want you mad at me and divorce me." She said, "I'm not mad at all. In fact, I think it's all kinda REALLY hot." I said, "For real?" She said, "Yeah. I'm getting moist." I said, "Well, it started a bit more than a year ago. 2 or 3 times a week." She said, "That's like over 200 times? That's a lot of dick. OMG, I gotta know...does he pull out?" I said, "Sometimes. Not always." She said, "You are such a slut. I love it. Has he cum on your face?" I said, "Lol like once." She said, "Do you swallow?" I said, "Absolutely." She was giggly. She said, "My husband is a fag. So hot. Can I meet him?" I said, "You wanna meet him?" She said, "Hell yes. I wanna meet the guy that makes my sexy husband his bitch." I said, "It's Gary." She said, "The guy next door?" I said, "Yep." She said, "You gotta let me watch. Or like a 3 some. Now I gotta know what he looks like naked. Make this happen honey!"


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  • Fuck, got my cock hard! My wife knows I jerk off to cock on the web but she doesn't know that I cam with guys. Love when they watch me jerking my old horny dick. I'm dying to suck my first dick but I can't share that with her because I know she wouldn't accept that and would leave me. So sad. So I just dream on and enjoy the wonderful stories and videos that allow me to enjoy being a cock-loving sissy slut. My asshole is aching to be plugged by a long hot throbbing cock. I love coming anally imagining being fucked by my darling loverman. mmmmm it's so delicious...

  • Wow. You lucky cock sucker. I've been bi/ gay all my life, my wife of 40yrs, doesn't know. Least I don't think she knows. But she might we haven't had sex with each other in over 2 years. I know she fucking someone because I can smell sex on her when she comes home late from work like 3 time a week. But that's ok because I have my sex partners also.
    Just wish I could come to my wife, and she would be that turned on over it. I'm pretty sure my marrage would be over if I told her.

  • My husband and I were watching an old porn one night where this guys wife was drunk and he wanted this other guy to fuck her . The scene turns to them naked with her on the guy's lap. The husband has the guys cock in his hand rubbing it on the wife's pussy. At one point the husband licks and sucks the guy's dick before sliding it into his wife's pussy. I jokingly asked my husband if he would be ok with a guy sucking him. To my surprise he said he had his cock sucked by a few guys , it took a while before he admitted to suck cock too. the really shock can when he told me he and one of his teammates from his high school football days used to mess around. I asked if the just sucked each other and he told me no they used to fuck. He too took the other guy's cock in his ass . I have been trying for a while now to get him to do it again. I would love to watch my husband sucking a big cock!

  • That’s super hot. You can’t go wrong when you both get to share a fit handsome guys cock. It took me a while but watching him and my wife and how she turned into a different person and her paying no attention to me while she lusted after him.
    It was like I was not even there. Even after he finished her he left her in a daze. After that I couldn’t help not being involved

  • I’ve popped a few married men’s cherries with my cock as the wife watched and directed. It’s great for the wife to see a cock pumping in and out of hubby as he moans for more. Then I’ve unloaded my cum in his ass, pulled out and the wife watched the cum run out of his ass. I also like to fuck hubby while he fucks his wife and she reached down and can feel my cock in his ass. The best is when he sucks my cock and I cum in his mouth and then he kisses her. They exchange my cum.

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