My mom spanked him

For some time my mother kept saying Bill doesn’t respect you . She was not all wrong. One Sunday when we argued she said spank him. I was ready but we could not get his pants off or him over a table.
Two or three weeks later we were at her house on a Saturday afternoon. Four of her friends whom we knew came in. Mom said now you’ll get your spanking weeasily got his pants off and over a desk. As they held him I tied his hands to the desk legs. Mom then took a hair brush and began. We all loved hearing his cheeks get hit. When mom told me to do it she gave me a belt and one of our friends pulled his underpants down. His cheeks were so red. He began squirming and then crying. When I finished he stood in a corner naked from the waist down

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  • Ummm..... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that clearly a strong case of abuse and assult!

    Bill had no chance to protect himself while you and your family assulted him, scaring him for life I'd say. Makes it 100 times worst if Bill has a disability or mental illness you guys are taking advance of!

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