Compromised Mother-in-Law

For the longest time, I’ve had a thing for my mother-in-law. My wife is basically a younger, flatter-chested version of her mom. Much flatter... but I still enjoy her.
Anyway, this past week, we all had dinner at my wife’s grandparents’ house, and my MIL shows up in a long flannel shirt (I guess it’s a short dress??). I immediately thought about how I could get a peek up her dress and see her mature pussy, or at least a panty shot. So I made sure I sat directly across from her during dinner, and when everyone was looking at their food or away from the table, I quickly moved my phone under the table and snapped the shot of her. Unfortunately for me the lightning wasn’t the best, and her legs were MOSTLY closed. But wow did it turn me on to see her beautiful thighs and think about how dirty it was for me to have that picture of her and she doesn’t even know. I’m hoping for another big snowstorm soon so I can go shovel her driveway and maybe stay for a little while and see what else I can peek at!

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  • I'm lucky wife and her mom have very big tits runs in the family

  • Lucky you, man! I think it skips a generation or something in my wife’s family. Or maybe the women on her dad’s side aren’t blessed with ample breasts? You ever get a feel from your MIL?

  • It's too bad your wife didn't inherit her mother's tits. I'd jokingly say to her that you'll shovel for free for some MIL pussy.

  • If she had inherited those tits, I’d be the luckiest man on earth. Next time it snows, I’ve thought about offering to shovel her out.. I mean, shovel her driveway out!

  • Yeah I'd shovel my mother in laws pussy out any time x

  • Next time I’m over there, I’m gonna have to find a way to have some alone time with her sex toys. If I can’t fuck her, next best thing is getting my cum on her toys so she can get it deep inside her.

  • God yes mother in laws thighs and tits are great fondled her helping her to my car icy slippy weather what a turn on

  • We used to kiss on the lips when we’d say goodbye. It was completely platonic/familial... but now I wish I’d slipped her a little extra and maybe hugged a little lower.

  • How was she compromised?

  • She was in a compromised position... but yeah, title probably could have been better. Still, her hot thighs and the thought that next time I could get a better shot.. mmm

  • Ech close enough

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