Why do men love to see female genitalia?

Every guy I know loves to get a peek up a female's dress, see a nipple pop out sometimes, watch women in sexy clothes. Women seem to know this and dress to attract, some them complain when males act up.
I don't get it, women are pretty much the same under their clothes, so logic would make one think it's not exciting.
But I have had a few women blatantly expose themselves, and I get off on it also.
Are we men just wired that way?

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  • It's a human thing. All men like to look at a woman. Almost all women dress to look sexy. When they put on a pair of jeans and look in the mirror to see what their ass looks like in them. My wife even does it. Tight jeans and a low cut top. With a lot of cleavage. We go out to eat and the waiter can see her tits looking down at her. It's life enjoy it.

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  • Approximately 2.2 million years of Male evolution made us enjoy the sight of, and become aroused by the female genintalia. This is even true for a gay male who, while finding no attraction to a Woman sexually, still see's why a straight or Bi Male (raising hand) would be aroused by a Woman and appreciates her aesthetically (Hence the reason why many make up artists and fashion designers are homosexual Men). The fact is, you would not be here to ask this question and I wouldn't be here to answer it if not for the fact that our Paleolithic ancestors ate everything and fucked everything in sight! Have you ever paused to consider why Women generally have larger butts than we do? The additional adipose on the Female gluteus maximus developed to what it is today to serve as a fixed"mating signal" whose protruding, fluffy glory says "Follow me 'Daddy' I'm presenting!" This does not go over well with those who endorse today's victim feminist narrative. But nature does not yield to insecure rhetoric; It simply is what it is and that's that.

  • In reality, women are NOT the same under their clothes, particularly concerning tits and pussy!!

  • Because that is all they can do is see it! They can't touch it because no woman would let them! Thats why they are perverts!

  • Really? Pretty much the same is not the same.

  • I have zero interest to see female genitalia.

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