Breaking in Tammy

Tammy and I have always been open about sex and she or I were beginners at it.

I had sampled the flesh of high school girls and later hookers in Okinawa and Germany.
On our first date she spent the night with me and we fucked like bunnies most of the night away.
Later she became pregnant when she misjudged the date she could fuck so we talked it over like adults and decided to get married.

We had been married for a couple months and the guy I rode to work with Cuck had become friends with us and Tammy was always trying to fix him up with one of her friends but he would always say nope I am waiting for you to ditch this asshole and we can run away and have illicit sex all over the place.

They would flirt back and forth and even wrestle a little whenever he tried to sneak a feel but we were adults so it went on and I secretly fantasized about watching them fuck but I didn't have the nerve to tell her that.

One evening after he dropped me off I said hey come on in and have dinner with us and he agreed so we went in and I called out hey hon can I invite Chuck for dinner and she said go ahead I will throw another pork chop on the grill

She said get yourselves a beer I am having a glass of wine and I went in and Chuck followed me.
Tammy had an apron on over her tube top and skirt and Chuck said smells delicious and so dose the pork chops and that got a laugh out of her.

He asked do you serve topless like in the good restraint's hummmmmmm????

She said dream on Chucky baby dream on and winked at me . I said hey that is one hell of a good idea babe and she gave me the finger and a sneer.
Well at dinner the talk was mostly sexual teasing and Tammy said you need to get laid Chuck and he said any time you are ready honey bunch .

after dinner Tammy had finished her third glass of wine and was getting a mood and began to show a lot of leg setting on the couch and Chuck was trying to get a glimpse of her panty's and we all knew it.

Chuck finally said you are a tease Tammy I got to go I need to get some head or some thing so I said Tammy gives great head and she squealed and slapped my arm saying hay now stop that.

I said show him hon hey Chuck want to see her give me a blow job ? and he said I would love that but Tammy was now acting shy and said oh you guys always about sex but she sat down beside me and I pulled her over and I raised her tube top enough for Chuck to see one of her breasts and he sighed ogling her rigid nipple I said lift your arms babe and she said you are just going to watch right and he eagerly nodded his head
I removed her bra and she folded her forearms around her nipples but did not struggle when I pulled them apart and her breasts stood there proudly with her excited nipples hard little buds.
Chuck was almost drooling now and I was unbuckling my pants and Tammy was watching Chuck as she pulled my swollen cock out and she swallowed still watching him then she mouthed my cock head and I almost came but held back.
She stroked my cock several times then I said lets fuck and she looked at Chuck again and reminded him just watch rightand she stood and removed her skirt and pantys then I opened my legs for her and she backed up and reached between her legs and inserted my cock and she sat down OOOooing as she felt my cock slip into her.
Chuch watched for awhile then as Tammy was making meweling sounds riding my cock he walked over beside us and I expected her to say something but she keptriding my cock faster now and Chuck reached out cupping one of her breasts and Tammy responded moving faster on my cock.
Chuck sat beside us and laid his hand on her thigh and again I thought she would make him stop but I was looking around her shoulder and she let him finger her clit as she rode me and I could feel his finger rubbing against my cock.
Tammy yelled CHRIST I,M CUMMING and fell forward but I captured her breasts in my hands as she grunted in orgasm I was Cumming to and it felt like I could shoot a wad clear across the room with the amount of force behind it.
After I came and we calmed down I had Tammy stand up and she let me position her leaning over the arm of the couch with her hands on the couch and she let Chuck fuck her in my cum .
He spent the night with us and they fucked two times and I fucked her again then she blew him the next morning before he left fixing us out lunches and he and I were almost useless that day at work .
for a couple months he became a live in then he met a girl andit stopped.

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