Samantha gave in.

Ever since after our first child for some reason that I cant define I have had this urge to watch her with another man.
I struggled with this for a couple weeks before telling Sammy of my desire and she flatly refused and wouldn't talk to me about it so after a few days I tried it again to another argument then for a few days we had a very strained relationship.
I was beating myself up calling myself all kinds of a pervert and everything but I couldn't get this image of her with another man out of my mind.
One night she woke me up she was troubled and unable to sleep and asked me why I had this fucked up desire and I admitted that I was not sure but although I loved her dearly I couldn't rid myself of this desire.
We talked about it for awhile then to my surprise she asked if I do this for you do you think it will go away????
I had to admit that I did not know but I sure would like to see it and she said would it be someone we know ??? and I said I haven't gone that far yet but probably would be one of my friends if she agreed.
The next morning as we were doing the dishes she said OK but I don't want to know who it is going to be and I warn you I wont enjoy it a bit...
I jumped at it eagerly and so eagerly she started to laugh at my excitement as Names of guys I knew flipped through my mind but it could only be Jerry he and I had been friends from grade school . He and her had met a couple times but after he married he moved to F airfield about 18 miles away.
I called him early the next day to feel him out and see if he would be willing to do it and he told me that he and Diane had split up and she was living with another guy.
He agreed to meet me for some coffee and we talked about old times and he asked about Sammy and our son so I asked if he liked her and we began to discuss his sex life then after he admitted that he got the finger from girls more often than pussy >Blurted out would you like to fuck Sammy ????? He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said you are joking right ???? I said no I am not then I told him of my desire to watch her take another mans cock and she had agreed.
He said Holy Shit if you are serious then fuck yes when????
Tammy is around 5 ft. 1 inches tall nice round buns 36 B-cop tits and a Pixie face that when she smiles brightens the room.
I wouldn't call her beautiful but she is very attractive I warned him that she would be very nervous and probably wouldn't respond to him but I am sure that made no difference to him he just wanted to bust his nuts in her.
Tammy was very upset and jittery when I told her that I had a guy for thet coming Friday and they would just fuck then he would leave and she just stood there dry washing her hands and breathing harshly.
I felt so sorry for her but I was determined to go through with it now and for the rest of the week Sammy was on edge and would jump every time I said something but she never once asked me to call him and cancel I guess she wanted to just get it over with.
Friday came and we had dinner and Sammy was extremely on edge glancing around nervously as we watched Jeopardy then Wheel of Fortune then I put little Jake to bet knowing that Jerry was due at any time I had talked her into just wearing her night robe that tied in the front with no bra or panty's and I had been playing around with her breasts and fingering her as we waited .
She was wet already and when the doorbell rang she dashed for the bedroom.
I let Jerry in and he looked around and I said she is in the bedroom waiting for us.
When I stepped inside Sammy was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at the floor and refused to look up as I told her who he was she just nodded her head and mumbled something so softly I couldn't hear but my ears were ringing and there was a pressure inside my skull and it felt like my hear was about to explode as I helped her to her feet and she stood there lie a statue as I untied her rope tie and her robe fell apart and her breasts and freshly shaved pussy greeted Jerry's hungry gaze.
I tried to say something but my throat was to dry and it came out in a croak and Jerry just stood there strangled sounds coming out of his mouth as he hurriedly stripped nude kicking his shoes off as Sammy backed up onto the bed staring at the ceiling.
Jerry was almost drooling as he followed her his hard cock swinging back and forth with his movements and Sammy let him push her legs apart and I managed I want to watch your cock enter her so on his knees he slowly lifted her legs over his and worked his way upwards.
Jerry's cock was probably about the same size as mine but his cock was so swollen up it was almost half again as big around as mime is as his cock head brushed against her pussy lips.
I said work your cock head up and down in her slit and I saw his cock head part her pussy lips and he ran it up and down her slit and I could see some of her fluids on his cock head I watched my eyes on his cock then I glanced at Sammy and she was gritting her teeth staring at the ceiling above her both hands clenched in a fist at her side and again I felt sorry for her but I couldn't stop now and I said stick it in her and he pulled his cock back and pushed down on his cock head and I said slow I want to watch and I watched his cock head slowly sink out of site in her pussy then he was inside of her and at last I realized that another man had his cock inside of my wife and I wanted to grab him and pull him off of her but I heard myself telling him to fuck her Jerry fuck her hard and he did his hairy ass began to piston up and down between Sammy's thighs and I had glimpses of his cock as he fucked her and it was slimy with her fluids now but Sammy was biting her lower lip her eyes closed trying to resist responding to him her toes were even clenched tight but her tits were swinging in circles to his thrusts into her.
I expected him to bust his nuts quickly but he surprised me with his stamina and when he would get close to cumming he would stop his jaws clenched tight and wait until the edge faded then he began to fuck her again but at a slower pace.
They had been fucking for over 15 minutes when i was surprised to heard Sammy's voice breathlessly say I want on top.
Jerry was still on his knees so he had to pull out of her when he rolled onto his back and Sammy ignored me now her face looked demented and her hair was wet with perspiration and there were beads of sweat on her torso and belly as she followed him throwing her leg over his hip the raising up on one leg she took his cock and positioned it at her opening and quickly sat down on it I could smell her and his sex as her body began to move on his cock she leaned forward rubbing her clit against his cock and she was grunting as se moved on his cock once she glanced over at me with a demented look and her teeth were in a snarl as she looked through her hair at me with sweat dripping off her nose and chin her thrusts were quick spastic thrust then she caught her breath and arched her back and cried out softly as her body shuddered in release.
For long moments she sat there her head thrown back and her mouth open in a circle her eyes tightly clenched then she began to slowly move on his cock again and her body was still jerking in spastic jerks as she was still in orgasm.
Jerry was inpatient t also and he rolled her over onto her back and began to wildly fuck her ind in seconds he was cumming to I watched his ass clench as his sperm was pumped into her Sammy laughed as he came her fingers tracing circles on his back and his ass cheeks until his balls were empty.
Jerry slowly dressed and as he was about to leave Sammy said thank you.
It was my turn to get some of the cum filled pussy so I said lock the front door Jerry as I moved in between my wife's legs for my first but not last time of fucking her with another mans cum in her..


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  • My closest friends Pete and Patty and I spent a lot of time together. One day Pete said he would love to see another guy having sex with Patty. He asked me if I wanted to have sex with her in a three way. I told him if she agrees that I would love to. Two nights later they were over my place and Pete told me tonight is the night. I told him okay you start with her in front of me get her naked and I will join you. I really want to have sex with her for many years and I finally got my chance. I had sex with Patty right in front of Pete and I came deep inside of her. Here's the thing now Everytime Pete wasn't around Patty would call me and we would have sex without Pete knowing what we were doing. I really enjoyed doing it with her and she never told Pete about it and I came deep inside of her so much I really think one of her kids is really mine

  • I also had this urge after our baby was born,don't know why,can't explain it.Might have something to do with watching porn and not lasting long.I told her its for her pleasure as I had been unable to get her off in a while.She eventually agreed.Didn't have to go far either.Ended up fucking our neighbour.He was a bachelor and bumped into him one night in a pub.She was in a tight dress,milk filled boobs and wide hips stretching it out looking hot and he flirted with her.So at the end of the night she went back with him.I was asleep and missed it.Which was surprising as the walls are so thin and you can hear everything and she said they were loud,especially her.

  • You may have got her started on something you won't be able to stop. I've seen it happen.

  • We have been talking about it and she wants to try other guys and maybe a bigger cock,

  • Thats so nice, is your wife keen to be fucked by other guys now or does she only want Jerry ?

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