Tammy,s first BBC

We met David online he was advertising for married white women only.
He was as black as night and in truth I envied my wife he was almost as perfect as some statues I have seen tummy muscles well defined and his chest rippled with his well formed chest.
His cock was advertised as 10 inches and it sure looked like it was all of that and Tammy when she first saw it cupped her hand over her mouth and said OMG laughing in delight her eyes sparkled with mischief as she walked up to him and took his cock in her hand and watched it respond to her touch
She looked over at me with a crooked smile and sad I am going to enjoy this as she kneeled still stroking his cock and hefting his balls in her hands squealing in delight as a bubble of pre cum formed in his piss slit and she licked it off laughing in excitement then she traced his cock crown slowly with the tip of her tongue and it jerked in response and she laughed again as Davis stood there looking down at the top of her head.
I said I guess I should have warned you about her she is a little aggressive and he chuckled and said leave her alone she is doing just fine man.
Tammy looked up at him and asked want me to get you off this way first ?? He laughed and said just keep that up and you will babe and Tammy looked up at me her eyes dancing with mischief as her tongue licked the underneath flesh on his cock crown and he moaned and laid his hands on the top of her head as she licked quickly causing his cock to jerk in reflex to her manipulations then she began to lick his shaft and balls hungerly as David moaned in delight then she began to stroke his cock again and said warn me before you cum I want you to cum in my mouth.
And David made a strangled sound in his throat in response as Tammy sucked his balls and licked his shaft and it seamed to take forever but then David grabbed her head in his huge hands and pulled her mouth to his cock and Tammy was laughing delightedly when his cock head forced its way into her mouth and David Cried out and Tammy gagged when his cock hit the back of his throat then she swallowed in huge gulps as his cock exploded in her mouth.
David was bent over holding the back of her head and his hips were making spastic short strokes as he came .
Tammy was sucking noisily on his cock swallowing gulping his load as it shot out of his cock and breathing through her nose in whistling gasps as he convulsed over her then he stopped gasping for breath and I could hear my wife still sucking on his cock .
David was gasping for breath now as he pushed himself erect looking in wonder at Tammy's lips still wrapped around his shaft .
Tammy only had the head of his cock in her mouth now but she was milking his cock with the thumb and forefinger of her left hand for the last of his sperm.
David was still gasping for breath as he looked over at me and said between gasps damn man she could suck a golf ball through a garden Hose ad Tammy spit his cock out laughing delightedly and with one more quick suck she asked you likeeee sailor man?????
David moaned and laid on the bed but Tammy quickly disrobed and climbed up on the bed beside him and took his soft cock in her hand and absently stroked it looking over at me and said man he sure packs a load I was beginning to wonder if he would ever stop Cumming licking her lips.
David said easy hon as she was stoking his cock and he said it is still kind of sensitive and Tammy laughed and went back down on him and David was laughing now to trying to push her away but Tammy was sucking on his cock again with a death grip on his balls so he couldn't get away.
They talked for awhile then his cock began to recover and they wrestled around playfully until David pinned her down and he kissed her and they were moaning again kissing and David mauled her breasts then his fingers found her pussy and he moved down her body kissing her flesh and licking her body as she cooed delightedly until he parted her legs and she helped by folding her knees outward so he could get between her thighs.
David teased her pussy lips with his tongue his finger sliding in and out of her as her pussy became excited and the aroma an excited pussy filled the room.
Tammy came very quickly and then David was above her his cock head finding its nesting place and tammy gasped as he entered her for the first time and she began Cumming in mini cums as he fucked her then David was roughly driving her into the mattress both of them grabbing and clutching each other frantically until David cried out like a bull and he started to cum again.
This was repeated two more times that day and since then Tammy has been quiet but I know that very soon she will bring up the time they spent together and we will be looking for another guy.

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  • We started like that, Linda was a little hesitant but when he got that huge cock in her she loved it, after a few meetings she would do any thing he wanted. It's three years later now and she's his whore, she admits it when I ask her, dozens of black men have fucked her, he has parties for his friends and Linda is the entertainment, I've been to a few they get her drunk, sometimes they give her drugs. The first time I went to one of these parties she danced drunk and naked for eight black men and me before we all took turns with her in the bed room. He told the only reason he doesn't put her on the street making him some money is he didn't want her taking any white cock.

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