Basically anywhere

My confession is I put my fingers inside my pussy in front of people...
It’s not quite like how I’ve just said it above I do it without people being able to see I’m doing it.
It started on holiday with my boyfriend at the time, we were talking to are neighbors across the balcony and he was fingering me as we all had a chat, then it was under tables at restaurants in the back of taxis basically anywhere we could get away with it.
This lasted until we finished and I really missed having that naughty edge in front of people so I decided to do it myself.
Now I put my fingers inside my pussy under the table while talking to friends, in the back of cars basically anywhere I can I will do it.

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  • That's really fucking awesome. I wear long shirts and go just about everywhere with my cock hanging out my zipper. Can't see it unless Iam lifting my arms up over my head. Which ooops sometimes happens.

  • Guys and there damn dicks geesh

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