Caught being double teamed.

My mom was suppose to be gone for the weekend so I invited some guy friends over. We drank a little, got high and ended up fucking. The three of us had a great time all Friday night.

Saturday was more of the same. Swapping between them. Resting. Smoking some more. Having more sex. Well we were back in my room one of them fucking me from behind while I as blowing the other. I'm having a fanastic time. The guy I'm blowing pulls out to cum on my face right as my mom walks through the door. We didn't hear her drive up or come in the front door. She and her boyfriend walked right in my room while I have cum being shot all over my face.

They don't even leave immediately they just kind of stand their and look at us for what feels like forever before finally closing the door.

Now they have both been teasing me about it non stop. I feel like I could die.

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  • Totally understand. I'm the youngest of three boys in our family. Our mom walked in on us three once. I was on my back on the bed, my oldest brother was fucking my ass, while my middle brother was fucking my mouth. We all blew our loads about the same time, me on my belly, oldest up my ass, and my other brother in my mouth. Thats when we heard our mom say, "glad to see you boys are getting along",. Then see left the room, never saying anything about what see saw, to us. Since then we don't close the bedroom door anymore, and on several different occasions we have finished up, and looked to find mom standing watching us, then just smile and walk away.

  • Well your mom screwed up. The first time she caught you boys. She should have either joined in with all of you, just to show you what a pussy feels like. Or castrated all 3 of you on the spot.

  • Do you and your brothers still fuck esch other? You should take pictures and post them.

  • Yes we do, pictures not a good idea. I'm only 14.

  • If I were you I'd arrange a gangbang of about 6 guys and make it so you get caught doing that.

    I'd love it if my wife walked in on me getting banged by that many guys.

  • I wouldn't worry about it if all they are doing is teasing you. Next time they start just tell your mom that you think that her and her boyfriend are hot and you'd love to do a threesome with them. Now you have flipped the script on them...they will have to put up or shut up. Let us know if you end up doing mom & her boyfriend.

  • I was in college and my mom showed up at my room unannounced, my roommate was really helpful to her and told her that I was at a party on Frat house row. Unfortunately for me I went to the party that I told my roomy I was going to be at, my mom shows up and starts looking around for me thinking that she is going to see me doing some fun party things. I was upstairs with two guys having a great time when I heard this "Oh, dear God!" in a very familiar voice.
    You can imagine how my night went from there and I asked my roommate a few days later what the hell she was thinking when she told my mom where I was at partying.

  • I totally feel your pain babe, in my late teens my dad (who i thought was working away) came home early to surprise my mum (who was at my nans for the weekend planning his birthday party) sneaked in and found me sandwiched between three guys on the living room floor. it couldnt have been any worse for him as none of us realised he walked fully into the room and i was screaming in pleasure, half dressed in sexwear. so i do feel for you, be sure to just chat shit about anything else and avoid anything sex related chatwise for next 3-6months

  • It's embarrassing now, but you will all laugh about this later. I had a boyfriend whom I'd visit at his house just about every day in the summer. As soon as his parents rolled out of the driveway to go to work, we'd be in each other's pants. Well, once his dad came back home, because he left his wallet on the counter. He saw us going at it hot and heavy. His parents and my parents were very good friends, even before we dated, so word got out quick. There was lots of kidding and jokes about us, but they all knew it was normal. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • You sound like you are going to make a good slutty wife to someone one day.
    Don’t marry a guy who is going to keep you from doing this or it will immediately become a disaster. Sounds kind of like you love being treated like a real slut

  • No one catches you if you go to the treehouse! Spent MANY a night on my knees there

  • Never had a treehouse or any place. And she was suppose to be gone all weekend so I thought I was safe.

  • They probably thought it was amusing. No worries. They let you have your moment, and they probably enjoyed it almost as much as you.

  • Well they have certainly found it amusing, because they haven't let me live it down. She was even asking me how it felt.

  • May be tell her, I full detail. She might want some of what you got

  • Had kind of a similar experience in my teens. I was at a friends house and we didn't expect anyone to come home for hours. And after getting high I'd started fooling around with his sister. After a while, her and I were nude and feeling each other up. It kind of surprised me when my friend took his clothe's off too. And even more when he started squeezing one of his hot little sister's tits. We ended up on the living room floor me fucking her from behind. And he put his cock in her face. At first, she told him no but finally took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Just as we were really going at it we hear a voice saying you little perverts. We look up and there is there very hot stepmother.

    As I pull out I blow a huge load all over her ass. They start begging her not to tell there father. She goes into a full fledged rant for a few minutes. But I can't help but notice her nipples are rock hard as they poke against her tight silk blouse. She tells us to get dressed while she decides what to do.After a while she comes back in the room and tells my friends sister she wants to talk to us and says she should go to a friends house she wanted some distance from her for a while. As soon as she's gone my friends step mom shocks the hell out of us when she starts to undress and say's if we don't want her to tell his dad we'll have to do the same for her. In no time were taking turns having this sexy ass woman suck our cocks and fuck us. And it wasn't the last time she had us service her.

  • One morning, laying on my back, my (step) brother balls deep in me, I looked towards the door, and there was my smiling step dad. I smiled back and he told us to hurry up because breakfast was ready.

  • I've had this happen. Except one guy was in my pussy and the other in my ass. Fucking me like no tomorrow when my parents walked in. It is super embarrassing!

  • How old wer u then?

  • Too young to admit!

  • At least you feel my pain!

  • Thats life, mom has had plenty of cum on her face. She's proud of you! thats why they tease.

  • They obviously got turned on, and now knowing you're a slut, probably fantasize about you joining them in a threesome too.

  • As someone who has been in a mother daughter threesome it is awkward. There were a lot of drugs involved and we ended up moving because of the word getting out. My mother felt terrible I got put into that situation. It isn't as sexy as it sounds.

  • Tell us everything, don't leave out any details

  • Mom was dating a real piece of shit. Drug dealer. Dealt out of our house. But I got away with smoking weed and partying. Well came home one night down and smoked a bowl with them. Then a second. The POS laced it with something else that got us super fucked up.

    Don't know what he laced it with but neither of us could think properly, well beyond being high on weed. And when he told us to do something we did it. Ended up with him doing whatever he wanted to us. Fucked us both. Had us do things to one another. Even took pictures of it. Was one of the ways it got out.

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