Cross dress confusion

I started wearing panties 9or10h .mybaby siter started dressing me up in panties show me how to jack off with her panties on and she watched she used to let me suck her titties and eat her p**** I look forward to coming home from school everyday so now I cross stress I sometimes get a motel by myself or with my girlfriend and leave the window open so people can walk by and while I'm walking around wearing panties an my girlfriend likes doing it she likes to watch me she shoves things up
Sometimes people stop and watch us do our thing she's naked and I'm wearing panties and stuff and I'm bent over and she's got somethig in my ass or anything sh can find like dildos vibrators your fingers we haven't had anybody yet we're thinking about it come in and join us I'm not gay I really don't have desire to suck another guy's cock but maybe if he dressed up like me I might let him suck my dick f****** in the ass on my while my woman watches we've been thinking about hooking up with maybe if you were sexy girls like me it look s like a woman I might suck his cock or you can suck my cock or f****** in the ass maybe if he stresses up like me I might suck his cockanother couple if there's the same thing we do I look pretty dressed up and sexy after laundry I love you while the windows open at the hotel watch me that's as far as it's gone so far does that mean that I'm gay or about to be gay I don't know if I want a man maybe maybe he dresses up like me I'll suck my dick or f****** in the ass up there with another man who dress up like me I think I made my mind up then I'm going to try it with my girlfriend there was our beautiful lady looking forward to it



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  • Fuck you and you fake pedophilia post.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I would love to dress up with you and fuck. High heels thigh high stockings lace panties and bra and short tight dress.

  • I’m a male and love playing with dildos in my ass

  • Me toI like to buy ones that look like a real penis and I feel like a real penis in my mouth

  • Love to get pegged

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