Killed my wife

Holy fuck. I literally fucked my wife to death last night. Not sure what to do now. We were fucking doggy style and she told me to fuck her hard in the ass, so I pulled out of her pussy and rammed it up her ass. She screamed and said it hurt like hell, but I kept stoking the shaft to her full bore, till I saw the blood oozing out around my cock. I stoped and pulled out, and it was coated with blood, and blood was running right out of her asshole. I figured she just blew out a rhoid, so I slipped it back in and finished. She screaming and was crying the whole time, but I kinda thought that was hot.
I asked her if she was okay and she said no, it hurts like he'll. Then I told her she was bleeding and it was probably just a ruptured hemorrhoid, and that she'd be okay. We smoked another joint, then she slammed a little heroin, to take the edge off of the pain, then we both fell asleep. I woke up early this morning and felt that the sheets were soaking wet. I figured she pissed herself, but when I turned on the lights, the sheets were soaked in blood and my wife was a grayish white color and as soon as I touched her cold skin I knew she was dead.
So, anyway, it's been about 20 hours now, and I fucked her a couple times earlier today, but now she's getting stiff as a board and hard to fuck, and I think she might start to stink pretty soon. So now I figure maybe it's time to call someone. Don't know what to tell them though, it's kind of embarrassing. Maybe I'll just drag her out to the back yard and bury her, or maybe I'll just lie down next to her and slam a lethal hit of smack. Don't really know yet.

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