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I'm a carpenter and do home renovations in Florida where I bought a run down 4 bedroom house a block from the beach. Took me six months to do all the renovations and last March it was finally finished. The first floor is a rec. room with a bar and two bedrooms plus a two car garage. The second floor is a living room, kitchen, my master bedroom and bath and a large guest room with a full bath. I planned ahead so the side wall of the guest bathroom is made up of 12" square smoked glass mirrors in 3 different shades. Two of these squares are see threw from the closet in my bedroom which I keep covered until I watch the girls. Most of them are friends of mine mostly from the pub I frequent. I invite a lot of guys also but always assign them to the down stairs bedrooms. The girls over time have brought friends or sisters over some weekends so I have gotten to see dozens of naked women since last March. Some more often than others but quite a few I don't know well and can't even remember some of their names. I lock my bedroom door and watch these girls while I to am naked and can't think of any night I didn't masturbate while watching them. I know who has the biggest or smallest boobs, who shaves their pubes and who are the ones who masturbate. I also know who is having their period and has seen them use the toilet. There few weekends I don't have guests and because of the location they all seem willing to come. A few of the girls are constantly asking me if I have room for them at times. My bathroom and the guest bathroom are almost identical and the shower is enclosed in glass. The funny thing is I've only had sex with one of these girls but we broke it off back in July. We are still friends and she still comes often on weekends. I know how devious this is but I am addicted to watching them and months ago began taking pictures and videos. There are surely more girls I have seen naked but on the pictures and videos I have I counted 38 of them. When I think about it there has to be at least a dozen more who have only been here once or twice. There are two girls who masturbate often but in general I have only see a few others doing it. So either the girls don't masturbate as much as guys do or they do it other places, like in bed. I never let any of the guys watch them and never talk about it with anybody. When I have family here I never watch any of them unless my cousin Cheryl brings her friend with her who is gay but also gorgeous.


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  • Try putting a showerhead in that they can move off the wall and spray on their clit, multisetting, might temp em to do it more

  • Sounds kind of like you’ve hit the mother load of perfect jack off material anyone could ever hope for. Maybe you’ll see some guy on girl action soon

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