Best friend is now boyfriend

My friend has a really hot girlfriend who he gets demonically protective over. His girlfriend really likes me, she doesn’t fancy me but me and her have been close for years. I came to his house to get something and he was in the bathroom and her and I were talking. My friend came out and went ballistic at me for talking to her. He beat me to the floor and kicked me until I passed out. He took me upstairs with his girlfriend who was scared of him, and they started having sex. I woke up and he saw and went “so your trying to fuck my girl then?” He came over to me and went “have this instead” and he put his cock in my mouth. He went in and out of my throat, slapping me I’m the face as he did. I was too hurt and fatigued to attempt to stop him, and I was so shocked and nervous. He came in my mouth, and forced me to keep my mouth open as he squeezed out every last drop of cum. “Swallow” he said and I did. His girlfriend found it hot. He took a took picture of me on the floor, naked, bruised all over, cum on my face and a black eye. To stop that pic from leaking I’ve become the third person in the relationship, either licking up cum, letting beat/fuck me etc. He is the “owner” of me and his girlfriend

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  • Total BS.

  • WOW What a big bucket of BULLSHIT.

  • Good grief I hope this is made up, sounds like a prison story.

  • Turn into the cops for rape and battery.

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