My wife

I’m not sure how naught this really is, but I accidentally left my phone in the work bathroom recently.
When i returned to get it, it had been moved but nothing was open.
But then I received texts from random numbers talking about my wife and how hot she was. Several people talked in detail about her nude body and all the things they wanted to do to her sexually.
I have a feeling someone took pics of her off my phone.
I first I was angry, but eventually it really turned me on to hear what random people wanted to do sexually with my wife.
She’s only 25 so it’s no surprise plenty of people thought she’s attractive but I’m not sure what else to do about it. I know it’s wrong, but I love hearing it.

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  • I love hearing about what other men want to do to my virgin fiancée, after I show off her nudes online.

  • Do you secretly want to watch your wife with another guy. One that she is totally turned on by and would let him have her anyway she wanted? Think about it I bet many guys jack off to her already

  • Go with it, nothing hotter than hearing other men wanting to fuck your wife

  • I agree. I love sharing nudes of my virgin fiancée with other men, so that they can tell me how they’d deflower her.

  • I leave the screensaver on to my wife nude pics so anyone in the house or comes over can see every bit of her.

  • I’m going to try this, whenever my friends are over, so that they can see every bit of virgin fiancee.

  • I purposely leave my phone out so people can ( accidentally ) go through it for the same reason.

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