High school reunion

So we went to our ten year reunion i i knew she was a slut but later she told me that twelve men there had fucked her she had sucked all thier cocks nine had cum ln her mouth and four had fucked her ln all three holes.

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  • The first time I fucked my wife was at a party in high school, her boyfriend got her drunk and eight of us fucked her. This wasn't the only time this happened.

  • My wife never wanted to go back to her high school reunions. Fifth no tenth no 15th no. But just the same she would bring up people from the past and wonder how they were doing. Finally for the 20th she said she would go. Turns out she fucked by her account over 25 classmates and four teachers. She did not want me to find out that I was not her first lover. I met her when she was 15 and I was 24. Fucked her on the first date. I really never thought she was a virgin but she insisted she was. She also told me she was 18 years old. She had a trouble telling the truth back then. We dated on and off for three years then got married when she really was 18. We started swinging about seven years into our marriage and now if either of us wants to fuck someone else we are up front with.

  • Fucked mine the first night we met, sucked me off too. i should've known she was a slut.

  • When I went to our 10 year reunion I got laid by three of the guys I only kissed during high school and guess what--- they wasn't all that great. LOL

  • Damn, I went to an all male school. And no, I didnt do what you are thinking🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I found out that my wife bed the whole football team, and the prep team

  • I never went back to my high school reunions. In fact once I moved out of the small town I grow up in I never returned. My husband would die if he found out all the things I did back then. When you are from a small town where there is nothing to do you either go to church or you party and have sex. I chose parting and having sex. I hung out with a group of guys and one other girl .Out of the eight guys we hung out with I fucked or gave them all blow jobs . At times when we were parting I would just go from one guy to the next all night long. Sex was kind of a way to kill time when you were bored or a way to get what you wanted . If I wanted some weed I could go to my friend's house and blow her brother( she used to blow him too for weed). I also used to blow on friends uncle so he would buy us beer. I'm not proud of how I behaved back then so have no contact with anyone from my past.

  • She did all this in high school with them, or at the actual reunion? Maybe I should not have skipped going to mine.

  • In hs she told me that wasn't half the guys that fucked her that she had pulled trains got gang banged drunk and high most of time

  • I had people try to fuck me at my 10 year but I didn’t. There was a big orgy fest after the event. I went and gave a few blowjobs and let two guys and a girl finger my pussy and eat it. I just didn’t want any cock in me. Kind of regret it now.

  • I went to my HS reunion and met up with my baseball coach, and sucked him off like I always wanted to do back in the day. My wife thinks it’s nice we meet up a few times per month for beers, little does she know we make out and fuck each other’s brains out, then we go back to our wives.

  • I love sluts

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