Nothing better than a wife willing to do anything

My wife has always been a pleaser, she has always done whatever I asked her to do sexually. I can not even remember a day in probably the last twelve years that I did not get a blow job. When the alarm goes off during the week she knows to just go down and start sucking on my morning wood. I get up afterwards and take a shower then head off to work. If I make if home for lunch, which is only a few times a month I get another one from her. She has put on probably a hundred pounds since we have been married, I would guess she is almost three hundred but it really does not bother me because she does anything to please me.
My parents love to have the kids over for the weekend often and she knows once we drop them off and finish up going out to dinner we are doing nothing but sex all weekend. I even made what I call the fucking bench, she is bent over it with wrists and knees bound to the corners of it. I love to put honey inside her and let the labs inside, sometimes I drip it all over her and watch them lick her clean. One of them and mount her like crazy over and over, he goes for like half an hour just licking and mounting her. HIs cock his much larger than mine, thing has to be nine inches long with a huge knot. I watch them mount her over and over while she sucks my cock. She is absolutely dripping when they finally stop.
Another fun thing is just hook up the vibrator to her and watch her orgasm over and over, she has this high pitched moan that lets me know she just had a huge orgasm and her tits shake like crazy dragging her nipples on the edge of the wood. I did not know they would be positioned so well to get rubbed by the edge.
I really enjoy my wife and she is always wet and ready for sex, I bet I could go peel down her panties right now and have her bend over and she would be wet in seconds. Last weekend when we had the house to ourselves I bet on Saturday I did it a dozen times to her, I would pull out after my orgasm and have her suck on me for a bit then when I was hard again I would do it again.

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  • I almost thought this was my husband writing this about me until I got to the labs part. Totally not into that.

    I get pissed when my husband leaves for work and doesn't let me suck his cock first. I want that to be the first memory of his day. If another girl comes at him at work- I want him to remember what he has at home. If he is bored in a meeting, I want him to get hard thinking about his morning.

    Love being tied up. I wish my husband would make me a bench like you made your wife. Sounds hot.

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