I hate to admit

My wife is smart, beautiful, and is a very good Christian lady , but for some reason I have desires to talk about her to strangers and sometimes show pics of her to them, do yo think this is weird?

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  • Prove it. Post em up here.

  • I'm totally the same way.

  • No! I am exactly like you. I love talking to my wife about her past which includes many one nighters with all races. Cock sizes she’s sucked and fucked and guys that hit on her at her office. I even tell her how to act sexy without getting off the wrong signals. Recently her gorgeous friends started dating a hot guy and I told my wife I bet his eyes would lock into hers if he saw her and they immediately feel deep lust for each othe. I tell her she could easily steal her friends hot man away from her. I tell my wife the way she sucks cock would have him begging to always have her. I then tell her to suck my cock as if it was his and oh my the deep breaths and moans that come from her mouth make me truthfully feel she wants his cock. Then I tell her to pretend she’s about to swallow her friends mans seed and she sucks passionately until every drop is swallowed and my cock has been licked dry

  • Would love to talk dirty about my shy and quiet wife....!

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