My wife is a sexaholic and I am not complaining

She has an incredible sex drive and I know it will not last forever but I have been more than satisfied for the last fifteen years. She is also adventurous when it comes to sex and crazy ideas, she does not like monotony and sometimes I worry that she will tire of me. I have never stymied a single idea she has come up with and same for me, she has tried and sometimes even repeated things I have come up with for sex.
We are in our thirties, barely for me, and love travelling on mini vacations. We will book a trip for just 3-4 days to anywhere, explore it quickly and return. We were on just that sort of trip and I had to go back to our room. I came back down about an hour later and she was having a conversation with another woman. They were side by side on loungers talking as if they had known each other for a while. Turned out that this woman was American but living here, I did not hear the details if any were given on how that all came to be for her. The next thing I know she is going to give us a tour of the area and knows a great spot for dinner. We tour around all afternoon into the evening and during dinner while the woman went to the bathroom my wife leans over to me and tells me that she wants us to share making love to her tonight. We had never done a threesome, never even talked about it as a fantasy. I asked her if she already talked about it with the woman and she told me she had not because she wanted to know my thoughts about it. I asked what she had in mind for sharing, I mean I had not had sex outside our marriage and as far as I knew neither had my wife. She responded that she would want me to do whatever I wanted with her but together, same for her. I told her I was up for whatever she wanted to do.
We were in the cab riding back to the hotel and my wife leaned over and started whispering in the woman's ear. Seconds later they were kissing each other pretty deeply so I took that as an answer for the nights festivities.
We got to our room and I figured it was going to be a girl on girl scene for the first part of it but much to my surprise both of them were all over me and getting my clothes off. It was like they decided who was going to be on top of me where in the cab, my wife started getting on top of my chest and she put herself right on top of my mouth while our guest began licking and sucking on my cock. My wife turned around and now there were two tongues and mouths on it, I thought for sure this had to be heaven. I could feel their tongues mingling and during little breaks I am sure their mouths were locked together. One of them began sucking on me really hard and I came for the first time, I think it was our guest because my wife was not moving around a whole lot but the bed was from it.
The evening was a bit of a blur after that but one thing I do remember quite well was my wife's face in our guests pussy for quite some time. I watched for most of it but did partake in some nice ass kissing of hers and a little cock sucking from our guest. All in all it was one hell of a night of sex and we all woke up in the morning pushed against each other with the woman between my wife and I, yes there was morning sex as well then we caught our flight back that afternoon.

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