Gay in closet

Im 56 gay in the closet my wife has no idea i suck cock and swallow cum im in a sexless marriage. I love cock inside my butthole raw and bareback and cum in me. Love kissing a man and wear panties

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  • I've loved being with boys when I was younger and men now. I'm so submissive in my panties.

  • Love panties

  • Cool. Lots of boy's do also when they found out that I wear um.

  • Me too, the neighbor boy who was in high school was the first boy to get in my panties. Actually I was wearing my sister's panties. I'm now gonna be 15 soon and a man's been in um like a whole lot. My friend says that I should only be with other boys...should I???

  • Yes your gay

  • That's okay I guess because it's so cool like.

  • So you don't care about your wife!! You cheat on her with men to top it off. Wow thats a class act. Go tell you wife and if she allows it fine. If not divorce her and do what ever you want. Remember HIV is for life and is very costly to treat. And she shouldn't be exposed to that.

  • What part of "sexless marriage" do you misunderstand?

  • I'm in the same boat I'm 47 I'm married no kids friends and family think I'm straight but all I want is men and their cocks and cum in me i love it i do dress up on occasions when I can as a sissy i wish i could do it full time

  • You sissy slut.

  • I secretly wear sexy lingerie and have hooked up with the same guy 4 times for me to give him a blowjob. Each time has been a little different, but has always ended with me swallowing his cum. Embarrassing to admit

  • I love panties and cock

  • He is the only one to ever see me in lingerie. I was so nervous and scared, but it also felt so wonderful to finally share my secret. I had fantasized about giving a blowjob so much that what I did next just seemed natural.

  • Do you like receiving blow jobs and a man sucking on your balls and tonguing your butt hole I am new at this but been thinking about sucking cock now for a few years and I like the taste of cum any man out there ready to be the first down my throat and in my ass

  • I didn't want to receive, since that is something that my wife can do for me it seems like even worse cheating if that makes any sense.

  • Love blow jobs

  • I would like to catch up with you

  • Where are you

  • Canada

  • Dallas Texas, our in the burbs. Let’s hook up.

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