She was HUGE

Big Jen. That’s what we all called her. She was 6’3”, probably weighed 250. Not fat. Played on the college basketball team. Not great looking but not bad either. Solid body. Big boned as they say. I’m not tiny. 5’10. and 165. But she made feel small.
We had a big party for the end of school in May in Texas. lots of kegs, lots of friends. And we wound up in her apartment after it’s all over. She pulls me into her, kisses me. Starts pulling my shirt up.
No small talk. No hint that this was coming. Just really obvious that she wants to fuck. I wasn’t attracted to her. But was 20and horny. So I went with it.
In no time wer are on the floor in her living room I remember the carpet was really soft. I’m on top. Kissing her and reaching into her panties. She’s wet. Sopping in fact. I notice Her pussy lips are BIG. They’re like a complete handful. Its almost like grabbing a cock in her panties. About the time I’m debating “is this hot, or is that really weird?” SHe starts pulling her panties down and pushing me down her body. Pulling my face into her crotch. She’s big. And strong. The next thing I know I have a FACE FULL of pussy. It’s rich. Pungent. Not foul or gross - but definitely a woman’s pussy after a long hot summer day. I tongue her hole and that’s when I feel her clit. I can’t see it. It’s dark. But damn it’s big and hard. It’s laying on top of my nose. All the way up to my eyebrows. She keeps holding my head down, mouth in her hole. Bucking and squeezing my head between her thighs. Wetter and sloppier by the second. Her lips spread wide all over my cheeks.
Then she pushes me back and rolls me over. She holds my head in place and comes up on top of me. She holds both sides of my head in place and starts fucking my mouth with her clit. I felt like I was with a man who was taking charge like this. It was pretty hot.
And then she came. Hard. Shaking and bucking like crazy. I remember my neck hurting from the pressure when was putting on me. She was bent over me but at the same time forcing my mouth into her cunt. Bending my neck way back and hurting like hell.
She finally let’s go and falls to the side. Face down. Then she pushed me behind her and said “ok you can fuck me now”
I climbed on. It felt like I was on top of a giant. She was so much bigger than me I felt like a dwarf. But my dick went right in to her wet cunt. I was pretty horny, but also drunk and not real sensitive. I gave her all I had. Fucking her hard like I was a badass and trying to stick my dick as deep as I could. I didn’t hear anything from her. It was like I was in a bottomless hole. “Are you going to be able to come like that? Do want to try my ass?”
Ummm. Hell yeah!
I pull back and spread her ass cheeks to get a good look. It’s pink. Lots of dark hairs around it. Glistening with moisture and I can smell some Funky ness. I spit on her asshole and put my dick right up to it. I push, expecting resistance but it just went righ in. And it’s good. I can remember feeling pleasure that was off the charts. It was my first anal experience and in about 2 minutes I’m trying to stop myself from coming. Balls deep in her asshole I feel her squeeze. Then I start pumping again, looking down at my dick I see brown streaks running. I smell her shit on me and just start to come. Hard. Deep in her ass I’m grunting. Fuck it was hot.
We stayed friends and occasionally fuck buddies over the next year. Turns out she had been with a few of my buddies and we all had similar experiences.


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  • When my ex-wife and I were in our early 20’s we met a 19 year old girl down here in South Florida who was 6’2 250; I am 5’8 and she is 4’10. This girls clit when fully erected was the size of my ex-wifes pinky. One of the best fucks ever. My ex-wife and I got divorced in 2010 and I am still fucking this chick today. We are both married to other people but we still hook up once a month. No one knows.

  • My first girlfriend was tall, thick, and athletic. She was a star swimmer and volleyball player. Even in her teens, she looked like an adult. I dated her for about 6 months. I was 5'7" and she was 6'2". There was something weird about her hormones. She had really bad menstrual cramps that were basically debilitating. Then, when she would ovulate, it was like she was making cottage cheese down there. We weren't together long, but lordy she loved to screw. Whoever is married to her now is a lucky guy.

  • I used to play recreational soft ball on a co ed league sponsored by local sports bars. One women that was on our team was like the woman the op described . She was as big as most of the guys on the team. At the end of the year party she was by herself and I kind of just hung out with her talking. She wasn't the most attractive woman to be honest but she was friendly. I ended up giving her a ride home and she asked me to come up with her. We had a beer together and she made her move. We started kissing then heavy making out , as I brought my hand down between my legs she stopped to warn me it was big. I didn't get it so asked what is, she responded with, her clit was big and a lot of guys freak. Well she wasn't kidding her clit stuck out about two inches and she would get so sensitive when I was licking and sucking it that she would have to push me way. I never did get to fuck her after eating her pussy because she couldn't take the sensation but did suck my cock until she had me cumming .

  • I was friends with this woman in college who played volleyball, she is a freaking amazon and to this day is still in great shape and coaches. One night after some partying she told me she wanted to come back to my room and I was a little hesitant because of her size, she is about six two or so and back then she was as fit as a race horse. She was awesome though and I had some of best marathon sex sessions with her of my life.

  • She sounds pretty awesome, but do you appreciate her for her mind too?

  • I can't decide which way to go on this one

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