Her Sister Seduced me

I've been with Sandra for a number of years. We aren't married but have a live in relationship. I'm three years younger than Sandra. We do social things with her sister Debra and her husband. Sandra sister is the same age as me with smaller breasts and slimmer than Sandra.
We went camping at the beach like we often do. Debra and I decided to go back to the campsite to secretly drink alcohol which is not permitted. She placed her lounge chair next to me and started playing with her nipples while sitting there. Naughty thoughts went thru my head. Then she slipped he hand under her bikini top and kept playing with her nipples. Then she pulled up one side of her bikini and started to rub lotion on her tiny breast. She pulled it down and did the same to the other breast. Her actions gave me a boner. She saw my boner and smiled. She threw a throw blanket at me to hide it. She went inside the camper to pour more wine cooler in the mug. To my surprise she pulled out a popsicle out of the fridge and started licking it as if it was a penis.
She came back out and rubbed that mug with the wine cooler across her flat chest. Her hand snuck under the throw blanket and she massaged my privates. She grabbed my hand and led me into the camper. Inside she started kissing me while feeling my boner. I pulled her bikini bottom slightly to the side and started fingering her. We flopped on the bed removing the swimsuits. "No wonder my sister likes you, with a cock like that!" and she started to give me head. I was so aroused, I pinned her down hard and rammed her with my rod and then held her mouth open to fill it with my cum.
Basically it was a one time affair. She does feel my privates now and then and flashes her flat chest at me secretly.


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  • When I was 19 and my then girlfriends sister was 16 we had some fun. My girlfriend went to take a shower at like 10 pm. Her sister was awake and went in to say good night. I kissed her forehead and lingered there for a while. She smiled huge so I kissed her for real. Long story short, she sucked my cock for a couple of minutes while I fingered her. Then I got between her legs and slowly slid my cock in, she was a virgin, we had sexy for 3-4 more minutes and I came inside her. It was amazing.

  • I love having a cock rammed down my throat and getting my mouth flooded with cum. Hot!

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