Her younger years

Wife confessed when we first met and discussed our past sexual experiences that when she worked as an intern in HS at a small business she had an affair with the owner was older.
She said every Friday everyone was able to leave half a day which left her stuck with her Boss.
One Friday when everyone had left he has called her into his office to review some paperwork. She said she thought he was very handsome and would sometimes catch him looking at her ass and tits. She also admitted she was blessed with both big boobs and thick round ass that would always get her attention. For some reason he got up and closed and she thought nothing of it.
He then asked her if she was happy with her boyfriend. Then he reiterated he meant sexually. Of course she was shocked and said yes. Before you know it he unzips his pants and pulls out his semi erect penis. She said even semi erect he was very very huge. Without saying anything He grabbed her hand and put it on his cock. Then he asked her if her boyfriend compared to him. She was shocked and just said no. By this time she was unsure what to do but looking at it she wanted it in her mouth. She couldn’t believe how it continued to grow as she touched it. Without him saying she started to suck what she could get in her mouth. After sucking him off he turned her around so he could rub her tits and and unbutton her pants. Once her pants were down he bent her and she said she could instantly feel how much fatter his cock than her boyfriend. She just stayed leaning so he could fuck her in doggie position. She said it felt soooo good but also hurt but she wanted him inside of her. She didn’t even care if she got caught his cock felt that good and she could tell she would cum very soon. He didn’t waste any time getting in as deep as he could as started pumping her rapidly. She said she could feel his huge balls slapping her pussy and that turned her on soo much. She lost count of the numerous times she came and she remembers him shooting such a huge amount of cum inside of her.
She loved how he took control and treated her. He made her clean his cock after he pulled out of her. She loved that deep hard fucking he just gave her she would do anything for him. She said she could feel his cum dropping out of her pussy once she put on her panties and even more came out when she visited the bathroom. It just never seemed to let up.
That weekend she thought about his 10 or close to that size cock all weekend. Even when her boyfriend wanted sex that weekend she only wanted to give him oral. It was as though she was convinced his cock was the only cock that could please or satisfy her. He was all she thought about. She couldn’t wait to go to work hoping for another opportunity.For
every Friday for 12 weeks they had sex in his office. Even after her time working there for him was up she would meet him at his downtown condo. Then she moved to Texas and that’s when we met. She told me right away about her experience with him. Whenever we watched porn she would point out which size he was and it made out sex so freaking outrageously intense. If you look at her body you would easily agree her body is built for big cock.
I want to watch it for myself and she has eagerly agreed


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  • Holy smokes! We need an update! Lol. You don't fit her criteria of "big"? ;)

  • I’m no where close to his size. We talk about who she would want the most and she has commented pretty much any guy who can compare to her ex boss. We’ve seen ads of guys who almost compare to her ex boss and she’s really liked a few. We have never used toys just because we’ve both want her to feel the real thing again. If you saw her you would never even think she loves talking about size as much as she does. I think she’s worried about the jerks and pushy guys the most.
    She wants me to enjoy it with her and I’m more than eager. Trust me my cock cannot handle her thick perfect ass

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