19 yr old wife climbed into bed with my father

When I was away in he Army for a year, my wife stayed with my parents for a few weeks after I left.
I was 20, my wife was 19.
Married at 19 & 18 - we had had a very very active sex life from day one. We went at each other at least daily, as only two teens madly in love can and will do. No part of each other was off-limits to licking, sucking, fingering.....etc.
So, each of us were very used to dealing with our sexual tension on a daily basis....now we're to be apart for many months.
My mother went to visit her ailing mother for a week - leaving my wife and my father to share the house.
My wife confessed all of this a few years later - one sexy night in bed:
As this was in the early 70's, girls wore bikini bathing suits, and bikini panties, and mini skirts.
My wife had already been cautioned gently by my mother being braless and wearing a T-shirt and her bikini panties around the house in the mornings - and while she was swimming and boating with my parents - because of her skimpy revealing bikin bathing suit. In those days - girl's bikini bottoms often displayed a nice butt crack much of the time.
While sharing the house with my dad my wife had noticed that he often seemed to enjoy watching her bend in her short skirts - or sneak peeks up her skirt of her panties when she sat across from him in the den. She said she tried not to bend over in front of him in her panties and T-shirts. Nothing obvious - but in close contact with a miniskirted girl in those days it was going to happen. No big deal - although enjoyable for the males!!
My wife confessed later that she had often used her pillow to pleasure herself on those first lonely nights of our separation.....and sometimes the handle of her hairbrush. But that they were poor substitutes.
So, one stormy with very scary lightning - she awoke frightened....slipped out of her bed to walk to my father's room to seek some place "safe", she said.
My father awoke to see her silhouetted by the lightning next to his bed in her sheer nighty and tiny panties.
No one spoke for the longest time - then he opened the covers for her to climb in next to him.
She lay there, then with more thunder - she scooted next to him - putting her arm across his chest and her thigh across his thighs - hugging him quietly.
She moved her leg just a bit after a big boom - and realized her thigh was touching the underside of his very stiff large penis which had popped straight up out of the boxers. She nuzzled closer, pressing her small breasts into his side.....as he placed a warm hand onto her thigh....sliding it slowly up to the lower edge of the wedge in her panties - cupping her firm little 19 yr old cheek.
She slid her hand down his chest and tentativley and very lightly wrapped her fingers around his heavy and hot penis...which was bouncing slightly and moving with his heartbeat.
Without speaking she began to stroke his penis with her small hand, while he pushed his hand into the back of her panties and squeezed her butt hard enough to make her - yelp in pain, and to squeeze & stroke his dick very seriously!
Soon he pulled down her panties and put them under his pillow (she noticed), and grabbing and squeezing both her butt cheeks pulled her atop himself. His pole was poking her belly as he slid her up and down his body - using her butt cheeks as his handhold.
She wimpered a little at how rough he was with her little bottom - while getting very moist from all of it.
He sat her up straddling him, as she removed her nighty - and pulled his hands away from her bottom to place them on her little puffy teats. Again - all the teasing she had done in days past was causing him to be very rough with her - which was a new and kind of exciting experience!
He rolled her over, forced her thighs apart as he lay beside her, and cupped her pussy with one hand while biting her left nipple.
Her hands were busy looking for his balls and his butt hole - which always turned her husband on so much.
After forcing his tongue deep into her mouth and drinking from her young mouth - he let her come up for air, saying, "I'm not going to fuck my son's young wife, but I am going to make you cum and you are going to make me cum - you sweet sweet little tease!"
At which point he turned her around atop him and placed her sleak young thighs across his shoulders and burried his face into her sweet crotch with his fingers digging into her little bottom while probing her tiny butt hole with a gentle finger --- for a lengthy and explosive session of 69. She worked his dick and balls and butt hole and.....swallowed - just like she does with her husband.

30 days ago


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    • I showed my dad the photos I've got of my wife naked legs apart hairy pussy and ass on show, he only went and told her that he's seen her naked and that he'd love to fuck her

    • Your dads a lucky guy lol!!!

    • For OEF, my gf was living with my parents, when I came home my mom had picked me up from the airport and told me dad has some news for me. That’s when I found out my dad moved out and in with my gf, and they were planning on getting married, and he had the audacity to ask me to be his best man. But to this day they are still together.

    • Thats rough. Sorry you went through that

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