The Lady next door

When at home I always wear female attire and have my eyes, lipstick done and earrings on, about two months ago I was cleaning in my panties, bra and heels and when a knock came at the door I inadvertently just opened it without realising standing there in full view was the single lady from next door about seven years older than I but very well kept with a fantastic body, very pretty and nice she certainly gave me a good look over but just asked if I could replace a light bulb for her when I had time, I have always helped her from time to time and she usually gives me a good hug and kiss sometimes getting me a bottle of wine, after I changed I went over to fix it, when I entered she said I like you better the way you were before don't worry you can come here like that anytime I would love to do your makeup and hair anytime.
Two days later she knocked again giving me a nice packed parcel and thanking me for all my help, enclosed were two sexy pantie and bra sets with a great blond wig, she asked if I would come over Sunday so she could do me up, I did and have been going over every weekend since she really loves any form of sex when I am FEMME it is so great.

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  • Sounds so very sexy, good luck.

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