I like to watch her, even if I shouldn't

My wife died shortly after our daughter graduated college, so she decided to come back home and live with me so I wouldn't be alone while I recovered from such a blow. Eventually she ended up staying, as she found a decent job in our hometown. We've been living together for the past 5 years now. I've been back on my feet for a while now, and for my daughter's sake, I've insisted that it'd be ok for her to move out and continue with her life. She's a smart, independent and pretty, 27 year old woman dedicated to taking care of me instead of being out travelling, or dating, or going to parties.
She claims she's fine, but I guess she's rather frustrated, and I can understand it. Only once did she ever bring another man home for dinner, and I never heard from him again. If she's frustrated, at least sexually, it would explain her frenetic jerking off every night.
You see, our house isn't very big, our rooms are very close to each other. She likes to sleep naked, so she always closes her door. But sometimes I guess she's careless, because there are times it doesn't shut correctly, so it cracks a little bit open. One such night I heard her moaning, and my parenting instinct told me to see if she was alright. "Maybe stomach ache", I thought. I only realised what was up until I looked through the door crack. I looked at the exact moment she came from stuffing a huge dildo inside her... and I was turned on. I didn't admit it to myself then, but it was such a beautiful sight.
I came back for more the next night, and the next... and it has been going on for months, sometimes with her door shut, sometimes slightly open. And I feel very drawn to her because she's basically a younger clone of her mom, all the way from the color of her hair, to the shape of her eyes, to the sound of her moans and the size of her tits.
It's come to the point where I have jerked off thinking of her. Not her mom. It's my daughter who I've fantasized about fucking, and I'm very confused now. I wouldn't act on that attraction, but I feel ashamed and incredibly turned on by the thought. Jerking off has never felt this good for me, I have to say. Has anyone else her ever had that fantasy? Is it normalto have it, as long as I don't act on it.


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  • An update. I'm the guy who posted this originally.
    A few days ago I was watching her at the door, and decided to masturbate. She saw me. She was so turned on she invited me and told me not to think. We had sex,very passionately. She orgasmed, I came inside of her.
    Afterwards, she came to her senses and started to freak out. I tried to calm her down, but it was useless. She told me to get out and shortly after packed a few things and stormed out. This was before Christmas, I haven't heard from her since. I don't know where she is or if she's ok, and now I feel terrible.

  • But you just wanked thinking about fucking her again, right??

  • An update.
    She just reached out last week, saying she wanted to meet. Long story short, she wanted to explain what was going on with her. She freaked out because she was scared and confused: she confessed she felt a very strong attraction for me, which she was conflicted about. She said she teased me on purpose, which made her feel guilty because she knew how lonely I was after her mom died. At the same time, she felt angry with herself for giving in to lust, and also, she felt unsure she could trust me if I was willing to cross that line and have sex with her. "A normal father wouldn't have though of fucking her daughter", she said. I confessed that was what I wanted: to care for her and make love to her. That I loved her no matter what sort of relationship we had, and that I'd respect her if she decided against us being in a sexual relationship, but doing just that is what I'd want to do: have her become my woman. She said she wanted to think it over for a while and keep her distance, so we parted ways kinda coldly.
    Three days later she was at my door, bags and all. The second I let her in and closed the door, she gave me the most passionate kiss I've received in decades. We made love for the rest of the day, and talked our relationship over. We have concerns, especially regarding how to present it to our family and friends, or if we should even do so. For now, her living with her dad to care for her provides the perfect cover for it. But she does say she sees a future with me, a committed relationship like any other. She even said she'd want kids, which I'm not sure is a good idea, but I might be willing to if she really wants to.

  • She is teasing you on purpose. You need to give her what she is wanting and needing. My daughter use to do the same things. Wear sexy clothes and leave the door opened when she showered. We have been having sex for years now and she thanks me all the time for teaching her and pleasing her sexually.

  • Too bad you did not start with her in her early years like I did they grow to love you more for it
    K1k santangelojoe

  • She needs your cock not that dildo go fuck her

  • Go fuck her!

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