Stepdaughter fixation

I fantasized about my ex's daughter since the first night I met her, one week past her nineteenth birthday. I was fanatically careful not to say or do anything about it but she seemed to just know. When my ex was out of the house, L would walk around on just a bra and panties. I had to pass by her room when leaving the bathroom and she left the door open, usually while in just her panties. I used to masturbate in the bathroom and we had a working keyhole, through which I could see light from the hall. About a dozen times, while jerking off, I saw that light suddenly vanish and knew somebody was looking through the keyhole. When that happened, I would turn on the toilet seat and face the door, fondling my balls while jerking off. I could sometimes hear soft panting noises.

I never did anything about this but that was over 30 years ago and she is still my #1 se x object.

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  • I know what you mean about the lure of your step-daughter's body!
    I thought mine was gorgeous when I first met her when she was 17...but as she's grown older she's grown more beautiful and I constantly get horny thinking about fucking her. She once accidently flashed a boob taking a tight top off which I saw and made me want to grab hold of her so much! I've wanked into her used knickers though a few times....and even into a fresh white pair...and put them back in her drawer knowing my spunk would soon be next to her pussy... Fucking her will likely stay a fantasy....but a damn sexy one! ;-)

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