So my stepdaughters always been a problem for me. Problem in the sense that she's gorgeous and 24 and obviously gets me going. I've sneaked plenty of looks and secret pics of her in leggings when she's doing yoga or just around the house. I guess I never thought that was overkill so it didn't bother me and she has a really nice ass. Recently though she came home after a night out with her friends and wanted to drink so me and my wife had a shot of patron with her. My wife is a lightweight so she went to bed, but I was able to take 2 more with my stepdaughter. Needless to say, I know her tolerance isn't enough to take that so she went to bed. Her bedroom is still on the first floor and ours is on the 2nd. Something made me pass by her room, door was open just a bit and she was passed out in her clothes on her bed. I felt so stupid but I knelt down and kind of crawled to right next to her bed, her eyes were closed and she was definitely sleeping. Her dress reached about mid-thigh, I used my phone to shine some light between her legs. She's definitely shaved, luckily I was able to snap pics to remember this night by. I didn't stay long as I was nervous as hell but now I feel horrible because the pics came out great and I've been jacking off to them. My mind keeps saying I should have done more but that's not worth the risk.

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  • Glade that’s all ya did. Probably for the best.

  • Send me the pics!

  • My stepdaughter was pretty wasted one night, after I took her to her room and shut the light off she kept calling me Nick (bf), she said to fuck her before I left, we made out for a bit, she blew me too, but I was only able to get a few pumps in her before she passed out, snoring. I didn't finish inside her but all over her belly, I wiped it into her mouth, and cleaned th rest up. I did what most guys would've done I unlocked her phone with her finger and went through her pics and sent them to myself and deleted the messages.

  • Just leave as a fantasy. One for the wank bank.

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