She doesn’t give into anyone but 1 guy

The gorgeous attractive very fit blonde woman who always smells nice and is around 58 works right to me . I have always thought what a lucky man whoever is married to her. No matter who comes to visit our office regardless of his age he always seems to instantly notice her and tries to test her by flirting. Some of these men are very wealthy high ranking positioned men. I’ve always had the outmost respect for Linda no matter how hot she looks that day I try not to let her catch me checking her out.
Of the few years I’ve known her no one has even made to 1st Base. I work right next to her so I would know, right? That’s what I thought at least. She’s never given me or anyone the slightest indication that she’s a tease. Even though at her age she has the body of a late 30 year old. I mean best set of boobs sit high and firm and the hottest roundest ass ever imagineable. I’ve witnessed guys from other depts trying to get a view of her ass as she walks by or gets up for something.

One Friday I am working and I see her put a note under an employees calander. I’m wondering why she would do that as she walks by she tells me she is gone for the rest of the day to have a great day.
I am so puzzled about the note that I get while coast is clear without anyone else seeing me and read the note. I notice who’s desk it’s on...our young college intern who happens to be a very tall ripped black guy who was named Calvin. I’m shocked when I read the note. It says same hotel location , same time as last time. He’s out of town so this means we’ll have more time to enjoy.
My cock goes into full erection mode.I can’t believe this note was written by Linda. I was so convinced she was the best example of a wife, co worker etc
The thought of her wanting a deep good hard pounding by a much younger black male turns me absolute insane.
All I’m thinking is she has everyone fooled. Everyone thinks she’s a saint and she’s constantly unresponsive to very wealthy white men flirtation
Men that could take every worry away. Then the thought of her gorgeous flawless mouth all over his huge black cock I felt the first precum. I was rock hard and wishing I could be there. To watch herself give him her gorgeous body.
I wondered if it her desire to be with a very well ripped young black stud or was it her hubbys fantasy or did Calvin just know how to seduce her? how did this all happen? Either way it was happening and no single person would ever believe me what I knew.
. I wondered if her husband even had any idea. How would he feel if he didn’t know? Was it something they both are involved and no one knows?
I wondered if the first time was just out of her own self curiosity and now she has a huge lust for him ad deeply craves feeling his huge cock in her now. So many thoughts crossed my mind. Was his cock better than living the wealthy lifestyle. Was her lust worthy of losing her husband? As Calvin came back to his desk I watched as he read the note and smiled. I sized him up right before he left. Good looking very ripped athletic build around 6-4 and probably hung like a stallion. I couldn’t stop imagining her flawless white skin next to his as he pumped his seed deep inside of her as she layed there in pure ecstasy in a few hours.
The thought of his black baby seed deep inside of her as she greets her husband back home. She could’ve easily had any rich young exec or attorney that came into our office and there were very many but she didn’t have a taste for white men. That’s whats turned me on the most.
The next Monday when she walks in I cannot help but stare right at her lips cause I know what’s been in that sexy discreet mouth and then she gets up to walk somewhere and ooooooooh that thick perfect round ass is just turning eyes that morning. Being an ass guy I’ve seen many and hers is by far one of the top asses I’ve seen. I hope to update this soon as I can cause there’s much more to the story


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  • There are people like her that have secrets and do things behind closed doors you would never suspect. You can't read a book by it's cover. My wife is highly professional at the office dealing with employees and customers. Same demeanor in what ever public setting. A beautiful woman there is no denying that fact with a bod to kill for. I have fielded many compliments and guys asking questions of me about her.

    Behind closed doors she lives naked. Loves to host nude parties at our house for selected friends. We vaca to nude destinations. A freak in bed, no swapping or swinging but she certainly does put the kinky sex out there for me. She just finished a nude photo shoot this past summer. You or no one else would know by her public persona.

  • How much more?

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