Fastphuk in Vegas

We met on the train at the airport on the way to the terminal. I chat her up. She leans in to rub her belly on my hand that is holding the pole.
Your hotel is close to mine, want to share a cab?
I think I’ll have a great view from my room, come check it out?
Check in. A little quiet and nervous. Head upstairs. Walk to the window and I make my move. Push her hair out of the way and kss her neck while I’m grabbing her ass. Pulling her dress up and off of her. She’s pressed against the window. I’m fingering her already wet pussy past her thong. 1 minute later I’m inside her. Pumping her hard. Looking down at her spread ass cheeks and her wrinkled pink rosebud. I can hear her wetness. I’m about to come so I stop. Tell her to “stay there”. Then I climb underneath and go to work on her with my tongue. Pull her hands to my head and make her pull me into her. She gets close. Really close. But loses her balance so I push her on the bed. She says fuck me.
I do.
And she comes. Perfectly timed with my orgasm I fill her cunt and roll over.
It’s funny. It all happened so fast I didn’t even know her name. Plenty of other details but not her name.
I introduced myself and she said she knew it. But only because she overheard at hotel checkin.
We exchanged info as we were both from Texas. Met up maybe 6 or 8 times over the next year or so, both are married, so tit was just sex.

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  • Mmmm. I Iove a strangers cum in my pussy.

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