My little Yellow Dress

This happened when I was in the service and on leave in Los Angles. I was staying in a hotel in downtown L.A. and on this particular day I was feeling rather horney. As I was leaving my room a handsome looking elderly man passed me. We got into the elevator and made small talk and parted ways. Being horney I located a porn store nearby and picked out some books and magazines and took them to my room. As I looked at the magazines I picked up, I began to play with myself. One in particular excited me, there were young men dressed as women having sex with each other.

On a whim I decided to look around town for a goodwill store so that I could buy some girl clothing. Finding one, I selected a pretty yellow dress that looked to be my size. I also bought a couple of petticoats, slip, bra, panties and garter belt and stockings. Then I went to the adult store and bought two more magazines.

On the way back to the hotel, I decided to stroll through a nearby park and found a nice shady place to sit down. I was sort of daydreaming when I heard a voice and looking up I saw the handsome man from the motel.

"Little bit warm today, isn't it." He said.

Looking at him I smiled and nodded my head. We talked for a bit and then we walked back to the hotel together. He seem so friendly and was soft spoken. We parted and went to our own rooms. I decided to change into my new clothes and had just finished getting dressed, when I heard a light knocking on the door. Opening the door a bit, I looked and there stood the elderly man holding a bottle of whisky and an ice bucket.

"May I come in?" He asked. "I thought we could share a nice cold one together" He went on to say.

Not knowing what to say or do, I just stood there. Then he said to me,

"Look honey, your secret is safe with me and I know we can enjoy, so may I please come in?"

So I opened the door for him to quickly enter. We had a wonderful time drinking and playing on the bed. He told me that he would often come to this hotel every month to see if he could get lucky. He invited me to his beach house where he eventually fucked my pussy. How lucky was that?

3 months ago

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    • A guy has a pussy??? Who would ever think....

    • Yes, his ass pussy.

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