Hotel crazy

I searched the internet looking for a place to tell this story and happened across this site. Hope everyone enjoys.

I took a business trip last week for the company I work for. I do that every now and again to visit other work locations. I stayed in a Ramada hotel and for the first couple nights everything was normal. The third night I was there I was watching TV and around 11pm I decided to get a drink of water. I didn't have any ice so I grabbed the ice bucket and headed down the hall to get some ice. I no more than rounded the corner where the ice machine was when I saw a nice looking young lady standing at the machine. She was naked, completely naked. She turned and looked at me but was not the least concerned that I was seeing her naked. I greeted her and made a light hearted joke about her losing her clothes. She stated that her boyfriend had dared her to go get ice in the nude. I laughed and said her boyfriend sounds like a lot a fun. She continued and said that was not the only thing her boyfriend dared her to do. He eventually also dared her to make advances toward any guys she happened across during her venture. I laughed and then cleared my throat wondering if she would proceed with the dare. She asked me if I wanted her to make good on the dare, or just let it go. Not knowing what to say, I asked her what she wanted? She said she was actually supposed to call her boyfriend, put him on video chat, and let him watch her suck the guys penis. I told her it was her decision and I would play along if that is what she wanted. She quickly dialed her boyfriend and put him on video phone. I greeted him and then she dropped to her knees unzipping my pants and pulling me out. She asked if I wouldn't mind holding the phone, to which I didn't have a problem. I stood there holding this girls phone pointed at the action as she sucked me off so her boyfriend could watch. She sucked me for about 10 minutes until I finished in her mouth, her taking everything I gave her and swallowing it. When she was done, she kissed her phone and told her boyfriend she would be right back. She hung up the phone, stood up and walked past me little touching my face as she walked by to leave. It was the craziest thing that has ever happened to me in a hotel.

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  • My wife and I were in a hotel playing a game we received as a gag gift. It was a game that had a bunch of sexual dares. One of the dares was to leave the room you are in strip completely naked and return back to the room. The only thing it said was that you can’t use a bath room so that meant she had to go out in the hall and take off all her clothes. I thought she would chicken out but she did it. I thought it was hot as hell. Wish she had gotten caught.

  • I guess this hotel has no security cameras?

  • I worked at a hotel for a couple of years, and there are cameras in the hallways. I did see some weird shit late at night, including a nude woman sleepwalking, drunk, and pissing outside of her room in the hallway. She didn't have a key card to get back in, so we had to wake her up and let her back in. She was really embarrassed once she woke up, but it was not like we were going to call the cops or anything. You just take care of the person.

  • This happened when I was 22 or 23 , a Japans girl I met at the red union ( some of you know will know this night club)a few month before, one of these birthdays, her dad had his birthday in the same month. Her family was having a bday for him and invited me to his bday, she said they would celebrate mine too that day. Everyone was at her sisters house but I picked her up at her place , got there she was wearing very very short mini around three inches under her yummy shaved mound ,she was also wearing a nice tang top no bra and ate, stayed about two hours . Then left to go out dancing, stayed there all of 45 minutes . We were both horny as can be . Lol back then there were phone both , I knew were the old wooden was where , with sliding door five of them. We were in one fuck some 10 year old girl walk up on use, we left right away did not finish at the phone both. She told me she wanted to fuck in a glass elevator I new were one was , the only high rise hotel in Irvine Ca at the time .
    Went there went to the bathroom to put a rubber on she went and took her panties of then went to the elevator got in pushed the top floor ,slide in her screwed all the way up to the top floor , got to top stayed on the top for about 10 minutes was not done the lights went of , scared the shit out of us we got off on the top floor for around 10 mins , then went down and started walking back to my truck and 3 security guards watched us walk out and stared at use as we walked by , we figured out they were told about use from watching us on there picture cam , why I say picture cam is because it took picture every 5 seconds , ended up in my truck in a parking lot 2 am no one ever drove up. He he lol

  • Anyone who works third shift with the public has some sort of story to tell. I worked third shift at a gas station where I grew up. It was a normal slow night when this woman walked into the store buck ass naked. She had nice little tits and long ass legs. She was drunk, but not falling down drunk. I asked her if I could help her with something and she told me she needed a pack of smokes. I sold them to her and she left. The next night she came in again, this time with clothes on. Evidently she had been playing strip poker with her friends and needed smokes. She had been to the store earlier around the time I was getting there and thought I was cute, so she didn't bother putting on clothes. I went out with her a couple times and had sex with her, but it didn't last. Had about a dozen women hit on me the whole time I worked there, little under 2 months. Also had a drunk girl drive her car through the front of the store. That was not a fun night.

  • Most hotels like a Ramada in an average city are just recording in case of an incident. If the hotel get a report of a problem, they or the police review it and then they may act. No report of a problem means no one ever sees the recording and 30 days later it is gone.

    Doesn't sound like they got caught and nobody complained. Therefore no one looked at the recordings, as if it never happened.

    Now Las Vegas is a completely different story.

  • I agree, but even if they have someone watching, most of the time hotels don't care as long as it's not harmful to others. My wife and I stayed in a hotel on offseason and later that night we went to swim. My wife took her bikini off and was swimming nude. I pointed out the camera but she said the same thing that no one watches them. That is until we checked out and the guy at the counter made the usual comment about coming back again. I said we planned on it, and this guy said "I trust next time your wife can keep her bikini on in the pool".

  • Guy behind the counter must have been a faggot.

  • Such a very lucky guy bet you hang around the ice machine in future

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