Ex wife caught me

So my wife was at work. I was off. I got horny and decided to masturbate. I was laying on the couch totally naked. My phone was in my hand looking at porn. Just stroking my cock. A car pulls up. I thought I had time to run out of the room. No chance. It wasn't my wife. It was my ex wife. We have a big picture window and she saw me dart across the living room naked. I threw on some shorts and answered the door. She says, "Were you just naked?" I said, "No. Maybe. Why are you here?" She said, "Were you jacking off?" I said, "No." She reached out and grabbed my still half hard cock. She said, "Mmhmm. You were so." She started lightly playing with it. It started to get hard again. She said, "I see he still likes me." I said, "It's because you're rubbing it. Anyone could be doing that and it would get hard." She said, "What if a guy was rubbing it. I said, "It would definitely get hard."

She, at first, had her hand on the outside of my shorts. She now had her hand inside my pants and still rubbing my cock. She said, "You like that?" I said, "You know I do." She said, "You want to fuck me?" I said, "I'm married." She said, "I didn't ask that. Do you wanna fuck me? I know how much you liked this pussy. Your wife's pussy taste like mine?" I said, "Tastes like it? Of course not." She said, "Her pussy better?" I said, "Different." She said, "Different how?" I said, "You shave yours?" She said, "Never have yet. Wouldn't start now. Hairy just like you like it." I said, "She shaves hers." She said, "And you don't like that." I said, "Nope." She said, "You wanna see it?" I said, "I'm married dear." She said, "I'm not wearing panties. I could just drop my purse..." She drops her purse. She said, "Then just pick it up..." She spreads her legs, turns away from me, hikes up her skirt and there it is. An absolutely gorgeous hairy pussy.

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  • I have 2 ex wives, they both kept there pussies shaved completely bare. Even the girls I dated in high school and college shaved most or all of the pubic hair off. I had never seen a hairy pussy in real life, only in magazines. Until I met my now current wife. She has very thick dark black hair. She was in her mid forties when we met, she said she has never shaved, or even trimmed any of her pubic hair around her pussy or ass. Iet me tell you it is black thick and curly. It starts just below her belly button, goes almost from hip to hip, totally engolfs her pussy, and goes down and around her asshole. I have to use both hands to part the hair just to find here pussy lips and clit. I love bury my face and eat that pussy. Its the best right when she gets home from work and it has that musky smell to it. Even better, she only shaves her arm pits in the summertime IF she is going to wear a sleeveless top, and her legs only from the knees down. In the winter time or cold weather time she doesn't shave anywhere pits or legs. Unless she has to wear a dress. I love a hairy women.

  • Why was she round yours now?

  • Best thing about an ex that they are, I call bs

  • My wife and I have been together for 25 years and she shaves everyday!

  • I love a hairy pussy. I have been with my wife for 32 years since she was 15 and I asked her to never shave her pussy.
    She hasn't. I don't mind her trimming a little to keep it tidy in her panties.
    It turns me on so much to see her walking naked from the shower her big hairy bush dripping wet and seeing her changing her underwear to reveal her beautiful dark curly triangle always reminds me of the first time I saw her hairy beauty.

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