Voices in the dark.

Voices In The Dark

My wife and I have very sexual active marriage. One week day a friend was passing through town on his way West. He arrived around 1pm and the three of us spent the rest of the day hanging out on the lake on our boat then dinner that night. It was around 11pm when we all called it a night. Well I woke up around 3am to notice my Wife was not in bed . I figured she was in the bathroom as I went into the kitchen to get a bottle water. As I came out the bed room I heard familiar sexual sounds and heavy breathing upstairs.
I thought WOW is she up their fucking Jack. I sneak my way up stairs. All the light were off but as I made it upstairs the small night light was on in Jacks room with the door open just enough for me to see what was going on. My wife was bent over on all fours with Jacks cock slowly piston pumping my wife’s pussy. I developed a instant hard on watching her getting fucked. With each stroke he buried his cock deep inside her pussy bottoming out with a light slap on her ass and then holding it their pushing hard against her trying to get even deeper. I watched him bring my wife to a orgasm as her body shook with pleasure. .
Then I watched as she begged him to keep fucking her. After another 10 min of pumping her pussy he increased his pace and was now ramming her hard and fast with loud slaps as their bodies met. I herd him whisper to her that he was going to cum and my wife begged him to shoot his cum insider. My own dick was so hard that it hurt wanting relief. One last thrust forward and now buried deep in her I watched as he shot his load. Squeezing ever ounce of cum he had in her. She egged him on crying for him to filler pussy.
After it was over I watched her turn around and suck his cock till he was hard enough to fuck her again. This time in the missionary position I watched him again fill her pussy with his cum. I made my way back downstairs to our room and waited in the bathroom. As she finally walked back in bedroom I caught her at the foot of our bed , I planted a big passionate kiss on her then I turned her around and bent her over onto the side of the bed. Her nice shapely ass saying come get it. As I entered her pussy I felt Jacks warm cum dripping out. I worked as a great lubricant. I was so turned on I think I lasted maybe 10 to 20 seconds before I was adding my load of cum to the cum that was already in her pussy.
She gave me the same treatment and sucked me hard again that actually didn’t take long to happen but again being so turned on again I didn’t last long at all. That morning she gave Jack a morning quickie before he left on his way West. Of course I got the same treatment.

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  • Once I forced my wife to cuckold group sex with my friend and his wife. It was a mistake. Once a lady tastes the enjoyment outside her marriage, she is hooked. Now my wife is totally addicted to sex with big cock dudes. She comes home with dripping sore vagina and I have lost the sex drive for her.

  • Do your job and suck her pussy clean. It also feels good if you gently lick the inside of her pussy after she's been fucked good.

  • Fuck yeah!!

  • Thats hot

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