Do any young ladies (18-27ish) desire older men?

Just curious.. Are there any girls 18 to around 27 who question what it would be like to have sex with an attractive older wm in his 50's?


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  • Yes I do question it but dont they just blow their load in 2 minutes?

  • I'm 20, and I've been with 6 of my dads friends. The oldest being 45. They're all married, and I don't care, I love the attention, and they're not too bad in bed. Yes I do have a bf my own age

  • That's really hot. What state do you guys live in?

  • Tennessee

  • When I was 25 I moved into my boyfriends place.He had a neighbour who was in his 40's, who had loud sex quite alot and it drove me wild.When I met him I thought he was quite good looking and started feeling attracted to him.If my bf was ever out and I could hear sex next door,I would have masturbation frenzy.For a time I very much wanted to fuck him,should've done as me and the bf didnt last.

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  • When I was younger I rented a room from a couple in their 50s. When I couldn't come up with the rent he would pressure me for sex. I finally agreed and he would come into my room all the time. His wife knew and didnt say a word.

  • I have to ask: Was it good sex or simply a payment quickie?

  • At first it was just payment but after a few times I loved it. I used to wait for him. I know that sounds bad but its true.

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