For white women

Curious on 3 questions

1. Would any of you white women have sex with a black man?

2. Would you be will to cheat on your white boyfriend with a black man?

3. Would you have a black Mans baby?

Just curious such a racial divide in this country. Question is for white women.

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  • I'm 23 white and for three months now I am being fucked not only by my husband who's white also but also by our neighbor's son who's 17 and BLACK and very well hung.
    My husband leaves for work and within 20 minutes George is in my bed making love to me over and over for the next 6 hours. What ever he wants to do to me I agree for I love looking in the mirror as he's on top of me watching his cock go in and out and it's easy to see because of the contrast of him being black and my pale white skin. He teases me about my freckles telling me it my inner self trying to get out and I tell him no I just love your cock in me taking me as you want. He calls me his little mink for I fuck him like one I guess it's me being Irish, but the truth being told I love getting fucked by him and his big thick cock.

  • I went out with a black man once and learned a good lesson I didn't needed to be treated like a whore by him. He wanted me to fuck five of his buddies and him and I told him no way would I like being ran a train on by six of you guys. 10 minutes later they did run a train on me over and over and by the time they were thru with me I couldn't even stand on my own 2 feet.
    I don't know how much cum they pumped into all three holes, my ass and my pussy were bleeding for two had the biggest cocks I have ever seen well over 10 inches and thick and they had fucked me at least three times each and the biggest four. Then everyone crapped out and Devin woak me up sliding his hard cock into me again and I told him I had to get home but he kept after me anyway, god he must have fucked me hard for a good half hour and I wanted to do was for him to cum and leave me alone so I could leave but no he kept fucking me slowing way down telling me he wasn't ready to fill my puss with his baby making sperm and I thought to myself I'[m on the pill and you're not going to do that to me. Finally he did he cum once again in me. 13 minutes later I snuck out the side door and made a mad dashy to my car naked holding my clothes in m arms key ready unlocked, started, and got the hell out of there.

  • All women are whores white women that do blacks are the lowest dirtiest nastiest slutiest whore and i love them !

  • Why are girls the lowest cause they dated or had sex with a black guy. I'm a black guy and most of the girls I dated in my adult years have been white girls.

  • I am a white husband who has introduced my wife to the subject and over time we have begun that lifestyle where she can fuck all the big black cock she wants. Initially she said that it would never happen just in fantasy. Now she loves nothing more than a 9-12 inch BBC working her pussy like a stud horse. Proud BBC cuckold

  • That's hardly surprising but what about any black women who wanna be with white men???

  • 1. Yes.

    2. Yes.

    3. Yes

  • I'm 36, married,mother of 3.Been married to my white husband over 10 years.Few years after being married,my husband confessed to cheating,made worse as it was during my first pregnancy.I forgave him and we got over it.
    2 years ago I changed gyms,met a 25 year old black guy.BEST SEX EVER.

  • I use to say I'd never have sex with a black guy. But my best friend and I went out drinking one time and when we ran into one of her "friends" it was a black guy named Tyler. We talked and chatted, and she told me how amazing a lay he was. I shrugged it off and said I don't date black guys. Well Tyler and I ended up chatting and exchanged numbers. We texted for a while and he asked if I wanted to come over and smoke a bowl. I hadn't gotten high in a while and agreed.

    Met up at his place. Got high. Wasn't ten minutes before we were making out. Probably wasn't even twenty by the time he had me in his bed screaming like I had never before. It was mind blowing. I usually don't fuck guys my friends have fucked but my friend and I took turns fucking him for a while. We both even ended up having black babies.

  • I have fucked two black men.

    Actually cheated with the first black man.

    Got pregnant by affair with first black man. Started dating him. He cheated on me so I cheated on him with one of his friends. Am now pregnant by second black man.

  • You sound me like. I'm white with four black babies from three black guys. Went black never went back.

  • Black guys are the best, they know how to dominate a girl and give her those babies. I had a white boyfriend cheated on him with a black guy and had a black baby. Best choice I ever made.

  • I know right! I'd always dated super nice guys until a black guy got his hands on me. Completely dominated me and made me realize I prefer being treated like a slut.

  • Girls, What position did your black stud cum in?

  • Doggy style or ankles behind the ears.

  • Mine is always ankle to ears, then he pulls up just enough so I can see him cumming in me. He loves leaving me with a nice messy cream pie

  • That's hot my black stud exploded inside me in the doggy position every time. That's the position. He likes to cum in.

  • That's how mine does it. Pulls my hair to make me look back and him and smirks as he explodes inside me. I love it.

  • That's hot

  • 1. Yes! I'd love to fuck a black guy (or two or three).

    2. No, I would not cheat. I'd need permission.

    3. No, I'd never have a black baby. I'd hate him/her. I'm too racist.

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