What makes a cuck tick

I read a lot of stories on here about guys letting their wives have sex with other men. I'm just curious as to why?

Is there a reason you want her to have sex with someone else?

What do the wives think when asked the first time to have sex with someone else?

No offense, but are you possibly a closeted homosexual?

Do you just love porn that much, that a live show starring your wife is worth it?

Are you just someone who likes to be humiliated? Why?

I guess I just don't understand, and was wondering if you all could explain it. I have no opinion on whether someone should or shouldn't do it, I'm just curious to understand why?

3 months ago

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    • My wife had a brief affair before we were married. We were both in college and she slept with her boss at a fast food place 4 times over a two month period. She confessed that it happened once and it was a mistake. A week later, she told me it happened 3 more times. At first I was pissed. Then I started to get turned on. I asked for details. I got Rock hard and fucked her for hours as she told me every detail. It became a competitive thing as I felt I had to reclaim her. I have know idea why it turned me on. We have been married for over 30 years and it still drives my fantasies. To my knowledge she has been faithful since then.

    • Well.. because no real man would do that... being in competition w other men over women is in our DNA, so when one of these tires actually admitting defeat to another man, well, thats why they are probably closet gay... no real straight man would even entertain that idea.

    • I don't think of myself as a cuckold. It's more like being a voyeur. Someone who likes to watch others. I knew that my wife had fucked a guy one night when she got drunk with her friends. We never really talked about it together. I just let it go. Then we had another couple over for a BBQ. It was hot that day the wife's where in the pool most of my day. I caught him eyeing my wife's big tits a few times. His wife has small tits. We were all drinking and feeling no pain. The wife's were floating around on blowup mattress. Me and lodehim were sitting on the pool deck. The two girls started pushing each other next thing I knew my wife's top was off. His eyes got big. Then my wife pulled his wife's top off. He got up and went to the other side of the pool and calls his wife over. My wife followed her. He was taking to his wife but I could see her pushing my wife's hand up in his shorts. I was sitting there thinking is this really happening. My wife had pulled out his cock and was jacking him off his wife bent over and sucked him a little. Then she pushed my wife's head down onto his cock. Now if you knew my wife when she is drinking she can suck cock for ever and she has no gag reflex at all. So there I was sitting there with a hardon jacking my own cock watching my wife sucking his cock. He shoots his load down her throat. Me and my wife fucked like crazy that night. That's how it started for us. I knew that night that I wanted to watch her getting fucked as much as I could.

    • Dude , you never had her...she wasn't even hanging out w you...lol. omg, really? you are so pathetic...

    • I've found it to be like this. When I asked if she'd like to fuck other men, with me watching, she answered, " I would kind of like to, but, I don't want you there ! " When I suggested myself fucking another woman with her watching she gets pissed and asked, "Why, am I not good enough ? " It's all about them !

    • You’re not wrong

    • I joked with my wife during sex what her opinion was to have me fucking her pussy while another guy fucks her ass and she laughed and said she was up for it jokingly. Then I asked how about me fucking her doggy while another girl licked her clit and sucked me off and I'll only lick the other girls pussy, and OMG, did she lost it and got angry very quickly - women!!!

    • I have been a chuck since I was a teen, it sounds strange but I don't care to see just a woman fucked it has to be someone I care about, I want to see my woman fucked with a big cock and get all the pleasure from it as she can, I enjoy seeing her enjoy it. I can't give that to her but I can provide it by setting her up for a threesome.It only takes a couple months to convince a woman that doing threesoms or me just watching her fuck will not harm our relationship but make it better and more exciting for both of us. I would not just tell her I was bringing some one home to fuck or that we are going somewhere to fuck. I would have a sexual situation planed and I would already discussed and planed with who I wanted to see her fuck with. So that it would be a surprise to her , she never really was surprised she always knew what I was up to but it made it all less tense for us. This never caused any problems in our marriage.

    • For me I liked to watch my wife fuck other men. I liked to hear her moan with others and watch what they would do to her. I’m not gay in any way and believe me I had guys asking my wife all the time if they could fuck me also.

    • Sure.....😂. get a hobby.

    • I love it as well! Love seeing other cocks inside her pussy! Or just having sex with her! My wife loves the variety as well.

    • Because your wife is a hoe, and you are the ugly guy who married her, just so you can pay for her lifestyle. man , you are a doormat. nothing to be proud of....

    • I found out my now wife did this with her ex husband. I find it disgusting and I lost respect for her. I love her and it wasn't with me so I justify it as him being an ass. She did and does have low self esteem and is ashamed of it but I still hate the image and it's hard to get past.

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