Delivery girl

I’ve seen this on porn several times but never thought it’d actually happen..
I’m a delivery driver for a local pizza place and I delivered recently to someone’s hotel. When I got there he was in a 50+ year old man in just a robe. I thought I had the wrong roommbut he said I was right and asked me in.
He gave me almost exact change for the pizzas and showed me a $50 and asked if I wanted my tip.
I smiled and reached for it but he mentioned the pizza seemed cold and asked if I would earn it.
He pulled out his penis and told me to suck it for the $50 and if I was quick about it, it’d be more.
So I did and he touched my chest while I did it and somehow my shirt and bra came off while I was going down on him.
We did not have sex but I finished him and he gave me $70 as a tip.
Would that be prostitution?



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  • So, you brought the pizza, and he supplied the smoothie.

  • Haha essentially

  • Prostitutes sell sex. You weren't selling yourself actually, you just sucked a dick for a tip. If it just falls in your lap, you aren't a prostitute. If you go out selling it, you are.


  • Goddamn motherfuckin' whore !

  • Yes it's sort of prostitution but I would have done the same!!!!

  • Yes it is but so what? Prostitution is only bad if the prostitute is forced into the biz.

  • Well funny thing about sex, it is not only intercourse. If you engaged in sexual activity and received monatary compensation then it was an act of prostitution. The good news is you made $70 though and fortunately for you the transaction of goods was completed with exact change covering the food so technically you did not incur any tax implications to report.
    So to wrap up yes it was prostitution, next time hold off on delivery of goods until all services have been completed that way you are just ensuring complete customer satisfaction and you can list it as tip income.
    By the way what pizza place do you work for so I can order a delivery?

  • A major chain lol

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