Pizza Dare

Last night was a great night at work. I deliver pizza for a pizza joint in town. Got a run for a simple delivery one lager pizza. I knock on the door and this lady answered not wearing anything. I was like oh shit I'm sorry. But she says she's doing a pizza delivery dare where they answer the door naked. I'm like oh shit, I see. So am I on camera and she points to her phone on the counter. So she pays me the exact amount for the pizza. Here is where it got interesting. This lady tells me I have a choice. She can give me a $10 tip or she will give me head for the tip. I think she fucking with me so I say head. She tells me to drop my short so I'm like fuck it and pull down my short. She drops to her knees and starts sucking me off. She sucked me till I shot my load in her mouth and then she cleaned me up. I was like fuck me, lady call tonight and I'll be over again. Ain't seen an order yet.

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