Gave my husband a thrill

My husband was out of town on business for about six weeks, he was actually more than out of town as he was out of the country. We were video chatting one evening for me, morning for him and he asked what sort of crazy thing I was going to do tonight. I told him I was thinking about having a pizza delivered and answering the door naked, he told me he could not believe I would want or do something like that ever. I called up and ordered it while he watched me live, I told him that it was going to be thirty minutes so we have plenty of time to talk.
I watched the clock and after about twenty minutes I started undressing and he was asking me what I was doing because he was not expecting that to happen. I told him that the delivery should be here shortly so I need to get you in position, I put the cam on the end table facing the front door and we continued to talk until the doorbell rang. I heard him asking me if I was seriously going to do this as I walked to door holding only a twenty dollar bill in my hand.
The guy was great, all smiles as I opened the door and told him to come on inside, he stood there staring down at my boobs while he opened up the bag and took out my pizza. He told me a couple of times that I was really hot and he was amazed that this happened to him. I stood a little sideways knowing my husband could see me and the guy, I asked him if he wanted to touch my breasts and he nodded yes. He reached out with one hand very slowly and began just caressing my nipples then put his hand over my entire breast feeling both of them. He kept on touching them for a bit then asked if he could touch me between my legs, I told him sure and watched his hand go down my torso then slid over my pubic hair to my vagina. I spread my feet apart slightly to give him more access, he ran his fingers over me for a bit then told me thanks a lot, you are really great.
I closed the door behind him and went back over to the cam then picked up my pizza. I sat the cam on the floor in front of me then sat on the floor in front of it giving my husband a great view of me. I ate pizza, talked to him and played with myself the whole time. He told me I was awesome and that the delivery guy was over the top

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  • Because of this post I am going to try to get my wife to give me a thrill like that. Great idea, thanks.

  • I am sick of dirty dog bonkers flucking themselves around when they are just full of smut and filth and just because they get married they want act like some divine godess when they are just a dog that should die in a ditch for all the lives they wreck to be this "godess slut prego cuntbuck"

  • Dude chill the fuck out. It's her body, her boobs, her pussy, she in control of it. If she wants to give her husband a thrill what's it going to hurt. I've been watching my wife flirt, flash, and have sex with other men the entire 15 yrs we've been together. In fact I'm pretty sure our youngest daughter isn't mine. That doesn't bother me a bit, love hrr the same. Just gotta remember I've never seen a dick yet that could break a pussy.

  • What a fucking dickhead you are

  • Most amazing thing I have ever heard. I know your husband masturbated that night.

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