Lucky old man

Ok I am a man in 60 ts few health problems but been blessed and cursed same time friend interest me to one the sexiest lady I have seen and mix race and I do love tanned to dark skin well we become really good friends and was opening up to each other and sad when found out likes girls more than men but had been with a man for a long time and many years ago well we both have tattoos and was showing them off then just like that pulled a boob out to show nipple piercing I told I had one but taken out many years ago then said how I been thinking about prince Albert but not sure she laughed saying why to want her to come to hold my hand then she told and showed she had pussy lips pierced and a bar I never seen on a woman in all my life only seen on pc we had been having little drink bit weed and after seeing her I confessed to her how I thought very beautiful and how I wish was a few years younger would love to take out etc boy girlfriend she said well maybe can be friends with bennifits one day said I love too well time went on summer arrived and rose starting wear less as got hotter was such a tease seeing wanting but know she comfortable so did not want lose so just made nice complement from time to time getting naughter all time ok it was evening time hot summer we was having cold drink rose got up thinking just going toilet but had sneaked in bed room put on this scoll girls outfit no bar knickers 2 pig tails you know what mean and was carrying my dressing gound tossed it to me and shid to strip put that on or punish me standing up got naked and put gound on rose then told sit in my chair and behave tieing 1 hand to side then leaning over feeling fullness of her breasts tied other 1 to other side she then moved in front me getting on knees and leaned forward I could see down her top seeing brests rose moved 1 foot to side then other tieing them up now she stood up making me comfortable keeping gound closed rose then went to pc started playing her songs and logged on to adult web cam site and moved cam to coffee table in front me started cam and was dancing in front me well rose dancing one most sexest things I seen and when did bit lap dance I could do nothing about as I got hard now people was joining in asking do things but rose said got tease me first and slowly expose myself then she strip I was shocked but was enjoying so much my cock now throbbing so hard well rose must noticed as stood up looked at can saying I been naughty and open my gound showing viewers my body rose went back dancing around me poking brests in my face over her top touching given little rub to my cock as moved around then she bent over gave lick and couple sucks standing removing her top and the cam so everyone could see her rubbing cock between brests thinking all my birthdays come together and how far she was going go well had wait long as stood up turning back to me sliding dress down getting naked looked over her shoulder to my smiled putting cam back in front me she slowly moved back bending over hanging and putting hand between her legs grabbed my cock and slowly she lowed herself and sat on me my cock just in front her pussy leaning back rising her legs resting on desk 1 side arm chair other started rubbing my cock now over her pussy lips and resting on me fonding a breast could feel she was getting wet as pussy lips swolen and allowing her now rubb between them over clite and love hole by sounds was coming out of her must been enjoying loads know I was and so wow when felt her move down bit and glide cock into her self moving up down and rubbing her clit same time rose turned face to me whispering don't worry about tying not cum as she had sliped little blue pill in drink while ago and going be hard for ages and unable come why she had tied me chir she was going enjoy for them years had none and she did sitting across me after while she said as I behave she untie and let me do doggie standing up moving cam floor looking up could see me standing behind trusting hard and deep holding hips pulling back as well but still could not cum moving cam to desk so wider view we then went around room trying all ways we could after while said I been bad as not cum so got me lie over coffee table legs kneeling on floor getting spread eagled winding why she made me lie so be so spread hands and legs now wide and tied rose then wisped know where male g spot is oiling a dildo beside me well I do but never been touched in past well she moved my cock down and starting rubbing anine and sliding her dildo between bum cheaks ond over hole that she slowly slide in myself strange but well she got it in few inches I guess and turn on wow buzzing and cock being rubbed felt good well don't know what it was but say like triple orgasm all at same time sometimes wish I had not as rose dad put little plate under me and made sure that where load went stoping rubbing cock but leaving dildo in my ass took cam and plate telling me lick plate clean for viewers getting the little foot stall putting in front me and sitting on spreading her legs flashing her pussy saying still got another treat I had not noticed she invited friend dani who was moving closer to us naked as well sat besde rose then showing who was boss told rose to get down and suck her pussy both moving so I was teased aging watching rose sucking and dildo in ass hen told rose take that stupid dildo out of my ass and use one she had brought well now that looked big dani moved closer to me holding my head saying to suck her as might distract from bigger toy taking advice I did just that as rose stuck this toy deeper in me streaching but could feel on g spot and nice was even getting hard agine rose moving in front me now stradling dani face lower herself down letting dani lick her pussy as they both fondel each others boobs after I made dani cum was untied and told can sit in chair agine going to move dildo out my self was told no had keep there asking how I sit well dani said have what sort hover but getting legs then arms moved into place tied legs started wobble and now was sliding onto toy going to all way in as sat there with this toy doing its maulty jobs cock aging fully hard the girls danced tuched each other going all way fully lesbian sex sucking pussy rubbing too bit tribbing double dildo etc and with out knowing could happen there was my cock shotting cum with out being touched was a good night

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