What's your most taboo cockhold confession

Tell us your true and absolute most cockhold turn on confession

22 days ago

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    • Did not find out till the next day that the night before my girlfriend came home from just getting cum dumped in by a bbc and I had cleaned up the cream up the cream pie not knowing. It did not taste bad at the time as I think back after I ate her out pumped her and dropped my load in her. I have to admit it's not the last time she has cheated but that's the only one that I don't mind. I guess cause bbc fucked the shit out of her for awhile hoe started walking funny.

    • My wife was waisted drunk camping at the lake. I went in the camper and watched her start flirting with a couple guys camping next to us. I was actually shocked when they started groping her and undressing her. Standing in the camper I just watched as the two guys took turns on her right there on the grass.

    • I am not a sissy cuckold but I do have a really small cock. It is about 3" long but fairly thick. My wife started fucking other guys within a year of us getting married in 1976 and has fucked over 200 different guys since. I have sucked a LOT of cum from her pussy.

    • I went over to a friends house to play some poker. After a several drinks the talk turned to sex. We each tried to top each other with kinky events in our lives. when it came to my turn I said my wife is currently fucking the shit out of some guy she met on line. At first I felt like a fool. But later several of the guys talked to me one on one. About a month later it was my turn to host the poker match. I had the wife to wear a sheer blouse with no bra and a very short skirt an no panties. Three of my friends fucked her that night and they all got to watch me each her pussy after they got done fucking her. We have hosted a lot of poker parties since. Sometimes one of the guys beats me to her pussy to eat the sperm out of her.

    • I love drinking cum from sloppy seconds, sucking that pussy clean, then filling it back up for the next guy

    • I love watching my wife take sperm from other men, especially young college cock !

    • I fuck my own 74 year old mother Anna Ludlow in Mt Vernon Indiana. Really

    • Catching a cuckhold and using a pair of bolt cutters to cut it's cage and that tiny cock right off!

    • This isn't a turn on, but its true. My wife and I tried hotwifing for awhile about 20 yrs ago, but she eventually left me for one of them guys she dated.. We're still married, but we don't talk or see each other at all. Cuckoldry isn't for everybody, believe me. It's a mean mean mean business. Long term, almost all women are suited for it, but very few men are. It usually gets ugly.

    • I think his is true, as it identifies the difference in suitability, even though it's counterintuitive. Men are more callous but women will find the romance novel elements and think of their extracurriculars as "love", so they will stick it out much longer in each relationship. Plus, once a woman fucks you, she develops an ownership claim to you. You become "hers", in her mind (and heart).

    • I was a bull fucking a hotwife. She left her husband to be with me. Can't say she was a cheater, her husband let us fuck.

    • Just remember she is a cheating whore, always will be ....

    • Jerked off in front of my mom and shot my cum all over the place the look on her face was price less!!!

    • My mom caught me jacking off when I was about 14. I had a dirty mag with this hot looking babe all spread eagle and I'm just going to town on my pecker. She walked in right when I was unloading into a towel. I tried to cover myself with that same towel, but only made a mess instead. She apologized and walked back out the door. I have never been so imbaresed in my whole life, and I'm 43 years old now. We never said a word about what happened.

    • My wife and I had talked about trying it for years, but never found the right time or person. It wasn't until we were mid 40's and on vacation. She had been feeling down because she gained a few pounds. Still very attractive at 145lbs, so no where near what she thought. We were sitting outside late and she made the comment no one would want her. This guy overheard and came over to tell me how lucky I was married to this beautiful woman. Long story short, we took him back to our room and I watched him fuck my wife. She realized afterwards that she was still hot. Even if she had gained a few pounds.

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