Mother in law

Wifes old mom has big tits a firm ass and can easily give me a gard on. Thinking of her while fucking her daughter similar body types can't help wondering how her mom fucks.
I am thinking how to get her into bed and my cock deep inside her tight old pussy.

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  • Called round today to do a job was in her bedroom left her a huge load in her worn panties hope she enjoys

  • Have had a fondle too when helping her from my car to her house in very icy sloppy conditions she had to hold on to me tight I positioned my hands carefully on her body one under her tits the other on her lower waist bottom area

  • Yes and cum in them I do this often

  • I take it you've at least licked her pussy juice from her worn panties?
    I do this a lot.

  • My mother in law still a sexy body and she is 84 still turns me on still would love to experience her tight pussy and full breasts compare her to the wife as I pound her so fucking hard.
    Love to hear her scream my name and scratch my back as she cums on my hard cock.

  • My wife isn't one tenth the woman her mother is. Her mom had a tight body, a delectable butt and died at 55 :(

  • Do tell me more

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