Cruise head

My wife and I went on a cruise and she told me it was going to be a great time, you feel like a whole new person when you take one. She had been on dozens of them but this was my first one. I never thought I would enjoy it, seemed like it would just be the same thing everyday. I am also enjoy sucking cock, I travel some for my job so quite often I end up getting a guy to come back to my hotel room and suck him off. I was walking around the ship on the first day and thought I wonder if I could find a guy to suck off on here, it was basically just one huge floating hotel.
I told my wife later that day I was going for a walk and I went around and found the work out gym area, it had everything you could imagine, sauna, showers, massage area, it was pretty plush and I was beginning to see why it cost so much for the cruise. I went back to the room and changed into some shorts and told my wife I found a sauna to go in so I am going to go sweat some. No luck on the first day but a few days later I finally met up with a younger guy, he was college age and on the trip with family. He was a little surprised at the offer but I could not believe I lucked out and to top it off he had a room to himself.
We went back to his room and he did just what I liked, took off all his clothes and laid back on the bed, I got between his legs and began licking and sucking on his balls then licked my way up his shaft to his head. He had great lasting power and I sucked on him for about fifteen minutes just edging him along until I finally just started a really hard suck concentrating on his head. I swallowed it all and kept on sucking until he was to sensitive to have anymore done, he told me it was one of the best blow jobs he had ever received. I asked him if we could do it again later that evening around eight or so, my wife had found a few women who played Majin so I figured this would be a great time to do it. He accepted and I came back around then to suck him off again. He told me while I was getting him hard that he had made a friend on the cruise and had told him about me and if I wanted to he could introduce us because he really wanted to get sucked also. I asked him if he knew if he was rooming alone also but he was not sure, I told him to set it up for tomorrow in here if you want and I would suck both of you.
We met up in the morning but he told me that guy did not want a group thing and yes he also had a room to himself, he gave me the room number and told me the guy would be waiting around his room around one o'clock. I went to the room because the guy told me he was built like him and younger, like in his twenties. He was young and a little more muscular than the other one but his cock was much larger and he shaved everything, his whole body was hairless. He removed his robe and laid back on the bed and I crawled up between his legs and started licking and sucking on him, he was a little more vocal and loved to moan. When I finished swallowing him I kept on sucking away on him then he asked me if I wanted a blow job, it had been a few weeks since my wife last did it so I was really wanting one. I stripped down and we traded places, he was really good at it and swallowed my whole cock over and over as well as doing some teasing. I spent nine days on that cruise and had so much fun with the two guys I met that the time just flew by quickly. I cannot imagine that I would get that lucky again on another cruise but like my wife says you feel like a whole new person on a cruise so maybe I will get lucky again.


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  • You’re at least bi. Admit it

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