Red Dress

There once was a Woman who always wore a red dress every time that she went out. She always caught somebody's eye every where she went when she was out and about. One day she caught my eye and yes I had a look at her. When she came walking over to me and asked me for a cigarette and wouldn't you know it I wasn't "out" I gave her the cigarette and a light and I looked at her in the eyes and she asked me "are you alright ?" and with the distraction only her I don't remember saying two words. I gave a nod and she said "alright" she stood and smoked standing next to me I didn't feel alright. I asked her name and she said "Gwen" then she asked me for the time and I said it's ten. I asked her if she had any plans and she said "no, I don't why ?" and I asked her if she was alright. She said yes, I'm fine and with me being distracted by her beauty I asked her for a date and we went out that night. All went nice and good and everything went right I even made the mistake of inviting her over to my place the following month one day and she said "okay" I waited for her and after the longest while she came to my place in a red dress and she had a smile. I opened the door and said "hello" and invited her in. I won't get into details but I got to see her again.

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  • Г ¿ dоеs еveгу sтогу геаllу наvе то бе аьоцт sex ? ¿ щну ? еveгу stогу's пот аliке уоц кпощ I'м гigнт. Iㅜ's sцрроsed to ье nice and good, геаlly it is and (cнеск оцт му spelliпg oп тне letters Г(r) ь, б (b) п (n) ㅜ(t) ц (u)
    I don't want to brag but I think it's cool-looking (at least to me)

  • It's nice it's okay it's good alright if you don't like it , take it up with your self alright

  • What a horrible story.

  • Wriте уоцг ощп sтогу.

  • Whoever commented saying the story is horrible don't be a critic alright

  • Уеан, апуопе еlsе соцld dо а lот ъеттеr. I dоп'т givе а dдмn абㅇцт уㅇцг
    сㅇмmㅌㅠтs. sㅇ шㅐат. уоㅛ'ге
    сㅇмmеnтs аяе пот аㄴㄴ тㅐат nㅇт
    ㅣмрогㅜаㅠㅜ ㅜㅇ мㅌ. sㅇ шнаㅜ.

  • Yeah..... alright, I guess.

  • To the comment that says yeah,alright I guess how I interpret it is like this 1. Don't be a critic and 2. You can live with yourselves, if you don't lLike it don't read it again

  • Уеан, окау givе liке...уеан. liке I геаllу саге. I dоп'т. sо щнат.

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