Have you ever wondered

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk up to a woman and expose yourself. I wondered about it for a while and one day I had the chance. I felt confident and I didnt mind, I saw a woman standing alone in the park. I acted like I was going to walk away when I approached her from behind and I didn't have anything to say for an excuse to talk to her. I had an erection from looking at her. I walked over and she said "I know you have been looking at me, I know what you want". She looked away and said " I won't be surprised". She looked back at me and smiled and said "if you want to do it, do it". She said "you can't do it" then she asked me if I ever thought about having sex and I said "no, I haven't" and she said "I really want someone to do it for me or at least l?t me watch". After a minute I asked her if she liked to watch and she said "yeah I do" she asked me if I would fuck her friend and I said "okay". She said "come here girl and two dogs walked over to her and I asked who her friend is and she said "she's right here, I waAnna see fuck, I'm into thinkin' about watching a guy Fuck a dog can you fuck, let me see you fuck".She unzipped my jeans and unbuttoned and pulled out my Dick and said "screw". She told me if I didn't she would say I did and she would get me into a little trouble. I thought she might, so I slid my Dick in and fucked for an hour and pulled out. She said "that's all I wanted to see". She walked away and stopped and turned around and said "check these out" She lifted her shirt and said "it's too bad you Fuck dogs 'cause I was gonna give you some pussy". She walked away laughing. I stood there until she was out of sight and I walked home.

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    I believe that

  • They have stupid "Lithium &Youtube"

  • I moved into my dorm room early and my roommate was late getting moved in and came during the week. I went for my afternoon run then returned to the room and showered. I had not heard any noise from the room and walked out of the bathroom naked, there sitting on the bed was his mother. I turned around and apologized from the bathroom then returned wearing a towel around me to retrieve some clothes. I apologized again and she told me do not be silly, if I would have wanted you to know I was here I would have said something to you. She looked at me again and said her son just went back down to the truck to get more things so let me see that cock again. She gave me her address and phone number later telling me I had to come over for dinner. She was as horny as they come and I swear most of the time I went over to her house I left feeling sore and tired. She loved to be on top and I would have scratch marks and bruises and my chest, and sometimes I could still see suck marks on my cock a few days afterwards.

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