Thinking of wife

My wife and I just had our 46th wedding anniversary and when we have sex I still think about the many guys that fucked her before me. I get really hard when I stick my dick inside her. I have suggested that she could have a boyfriend for many years but she has never had one. The other day she told me that a man at the grocery store had talked to her and he asked her out to dinner next Saturday. She said that she didn't say yes but that she wanted to if it was alright with me. I told her that it was. She said that if he was nice that she would want to have sex with him. I told her that I would be find with her having sex with him. We are both looking forward to Saturday.

5 days ago


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    • My wife started fucking other guys about a year after we got married. It's a very different life style that's for sure. As long as you can put up with guys calling her all the time. Watching her getting ready to go out. Many long nights alone thinking about her getting fucked by strange guys. Guys coming to your house to fuck her. My wife has brought guys home and told them don't worry that's just my husband he knows that I fuck other men. Listening to them fucking in your bed. Her coming home to have you lick her cum filled pussy clean. And if you are lucky she let's you put your cock in her wet pussy after some guy has just finished with her. I've had to do a lot of jacking off in front of her while she's getting fucked. Good luck with what you are getting into. Some guys can handle it some can't.

    • Sounds like cuckholding. My wife has a lover now!

    • Hey do you have any pictures of your sexy wife?

    • My wife and I been married for 21 years. I told her early on before we married, about my fantasy of watching her have sex with other men. She wasn't pissed, but she did say it would never happen. We instead decided that roleplay would work just as well. We bought her a guy sex doll and I would pretend to pick her up at various places, take her back to my house where she would fuck me and my "buddy" the sex doll. It worked out great until Halloween of 2019. I was to go to a Halloween party where my wife was with her friends. I would hit on her as a stranger like normal and take her home for sex. She didn't know when I would show up or dressed as. When I got there, I couldn't find her. I eventually found her friends who know about our little games. They thought I had picked her up about an hour before. We had no idea who had actually left with my wife, so I called her phone. She answered and wanted to know if I would come get her. She was walking back to town on a country road. Evidently who she thought was me, was some other guy who has had the hots for her for years. She left with him again thinking he was me. She didn't realize it wasn't me until he pulled out his dick and she realized he wasn't me. That when she ripped his mask off. By then he had already had her tits out and a couple fingers in her pussy. She demanded he stop and he of course demanded she get the fuck out. So she did. She had been trying to call but she couldn't get a signal on her phone. Luckily when I called, it went through. I told her she should have continued and just fucked him, at least she wouldn't have been walking. She responded by saying fuck you, never again will we roleplay with masks covering our face..

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